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Volkswagen Jetta colours guide and prices

The Volkswagen Jetta is a small saloon offering a spacious interior, a roomy boot and a strong fuel economy. If you’re buying one, choose exterior paint colour with care and bear in mind the impact your decision will have on how easily you’ll be seen on the road, how quickly your car will change hands when you eventually sell it, and how rapidly it will show up the grime of the road.

The sheer volume of choices available can seem overwhelming. But with our Jetta colours guide showing prices for each shade, you at least have a good starting point. Essentially, with the Jetta it comes down three solid and five metallic hues and one pearl effect shade from which you can take your pick.

If this sounds like the car for you, check out our Volkswagen Jetta deals page where you can get a great price on your next new car. If the huge variety of paint finishes on offer is a little confusing, our paint types guide is here to help.

Solid colours

Tornado Red – £260

A Tornado Red Jetta could be ideal if you want to give your drive a splash of colour. And it’s a pretty standard motoring hue, so it shouldn’t hold up the selling process. In terms of concealing grime, we’d expect an average to good performance.

Black – £0

This non-metallic pitch black will give your Jetta a sleek, smart appearance, but it won’t stand out in a dark car park full of similarly coloured cars. Black is always a safe bet in terms of finding a buyer promptly, though. Although darker shades generally hide dirt well, black can be the exception to the rule with cheaper car washes, which may leave unsightly tide marks in their wake.

Pure White – £260

This is a dazzling, snow-bright version of Britain’s most popular car colour. You’ll enjoy the advantages of strong visibility on the road and easiness of resale. But, as you’d imagine, seriously frequent cleaning is going to be required to keep your Jetta spotless.

Metallic colours

Blue Silk – £540

This deep blue is the colour of a dark sky. Its depth means dirt shouldn’t show up for a fair old while. Equally, blue is one of the UK’s preferred vehicular hues after monochrome, making selling on a fair bet. Clearly you won’t be as visible on the road as you would be with a brighter shade, however.

Moon Rock Silver – £540

Silver is right up there with monochrome in the car colour popularity tables, and this sober, restrained hue is a mid-spectrum shade with hints of beige that shouldn’t give you any hassle on the resales front. It’ll do better than a white model at not showing up dirt, though not as well as a darker one.

Platinum Grey – £540

This deep charcoal grey is almost black in colour. So it will do a great job in terms of hiding dirt – ideal if you’re usually tearing up the miles. What’s more, it should change hands briskly when the time comes. The only downside will be your visibility on the road, especially in a poor light.

Reflex Silver – £540

Stay classy in this mid-spectrum silver, which is the colour of brushed steel – it’s ideal if you want to drive a lighter hue that’s fashionable yet tasteful. Silver’s a massively popular car colour, so reselling should be a breeze. This shade will hide dirt for much longer than a white car, but not as long as a paler model.

Ruby Red – £540

This is a much darker shade than the Tornado Red – it’s the colour of red wine, with rich purple tones. It should fare far better than average when it comes to hiding the grime of the highway. A more standard shade may sell on a bit more quickly, but this isn’t what most would call garish, so we wouldn’t envisage any lengthy hold-ups when it comes to finding a buyer.

Pearl colours

Deep Black – £540

The pearl effect paint on this shade gives your Jetta a stylish finish. Black invariably looks smart, and is often the choice of corporate and other official fleets. So selling on your car ought not to be problematic. While it will hide dirt well, do heed our earlier warning about cheaper car washes.

Save money on your new Volkswagen Jetta

If you’ve chosen the perfect shade for your new car, visit our Volkswagen Jetta deals page and check out how much you could save. If you’re still not sure which car is right for you, our car chooser tool and deals page are great places to start your search.

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