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What is Citroen DS?

While Citroen has long produced a range of practical, frugal family cars, a new upmarket brand has formed from the French firm’s range. Known as DS, we take a look at the cars available, and work out what sets them apart from normal Citroens.

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A little history

In 1955, Citroen released the DS – a family saloon quite unlike any other before it. An ingenious hydro-pneumatic suspension system endowed it with wonderful ride quality, and other advanced features such as headlights that turned in unison with the steering still inspires automotive safety technology to this day. Above all else, it looked stunning, too.

These factors resulted in Citroen naming its premium brand after this legendary car. Initially sold under the Citroen brand, the DS name has now separated in a bid to market the range against premium rivals such as BMW, Mini and Audi. Though each model in the DS range shares some mechanical components with other Citroens, each version is styled uniquely, and no longer carries any Citroen badging.

There are currently three models in the DS lineup. The DS3 is a stylish supermini that offers a wide choice of desirable options and customisation choices. The DS4 is a five-door hatchback (or as a crossover-inspired ‘Crossback’) that boasts a gorgeous interior with leather-trimmed seats and dashboard. The DS5 is a uniquely-styled, comfortable large family car – halfway between a saloon and a large hatchback.

We reckon that, from the current range, the DS3 is the one to have – it’s fun to drive, looks great and is available with a frugal range of petrol and diesel engines. Available as both a hatchback and with a retracting convertible roof, it’s a compelling alternative to the Mini, the Fiat 500 and the Audi A1.

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