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The Motor Ombudsman: What is it and how can it help you?

December 17, 2021 by

The Motor Ombudsman is a resolution body focused solely on the automotive industry. It’s there to help you, the consumer when disputes arise with a business related to a car.

Be it buying a car or having it serviced, this body is here to provide you with impartial advice should issues arise with a business. How does it work, and how can you contact it? Read on for a full guide.

What does the Motor Ombudsman do?

The Motor Ombudsman is a resolution body set up specifically to provide impartial advice for disputes between consumers and businesses. It focuses specifically on the automotive industry.

For example, if you believe a garage has incorrectly serviced your car and you’re not sure what to do. That’s when the Motor Ombudsman can provide you with advice.

The Motor Ombudsman works under four codes:

New Car Code

This covers disputes related to new cars under a manufacturer’s warranty, the terms of that warranty and spare parts availability.

Service and Repair Code

This code covers servicing from independent garages and franchised dealers, as well as manufacturer-authorised repairers.

Vehicles Sales Code

The vehicle sales code covers the purchase of a car and applies to both main dealers and independent dealers.

Vehicle Warranty Products Code

This code covers anything relating to the purchase of a vehicle warranty, including advertising, point of sale obligations, clarity of information and complaints handling.

Who is signed up to the Motor Ombudsman?

The Motor Ombudsman says it has over 7,500 businesses registered with the service. These range from independent garages to major franchised dealerships and everything in-between.

If you want to see which businesses in your area are accredited by the Motor Ombudsman, the board has a tool that allows you to search by postcode.

How to make a complaint to the Motor Ombudsman

The Motor Ombudsman’s process for making a complaint is reasonably straightforward.

  1. Check a business is signed up to any of the Motor Ombudsman’s codes of practice.
  2. Contact the business and explain your dissatisfaction.
  3. Give the business a chance to respond. You may find they’re able to help.
  4. Check if the case is within the Motor Ombudsman’s remit.
  5. Complete and submit the Motor Ombudsman’s case creation form.

Once the form is submitted, the Motor Ombudsman will review your case and contact you with further information.

FAQs: The Motor Ombudsman

What powers does the Motor Ombudsman have?

The Motor Ombudsman doesn’t hold any legal powers. It can offer impartial advice to yourself and businesses relating to a dispute. It cannot take any legal action on your behalf.

Is the Motor Ombudsman free to use?

The Motor Ombudsman is a free service — it will not charge you for any advice given.

How do I contact the Motor Ombudsman?

You can contact the Motor Ombudsman directly through its website. Alternatively, you can call it on 03452 413008.

Postal enquiries can be made to:

  • The Motor Ombudsman
    71 Great Peter Street,
    SW1P 2BN,
    United Kingdom