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Survey shows pushy salespeople put most car buyers off purchasing

carwow has spoken to 1,000 people to discover the things dealers do that put them off buying cars.

Our results indicate that one factor puts buyers off significantly more than any other – pushy salespeople. A brash or intimidating member of sales staff puts off 66 per cent of buyers – 77 per cent of women are likely to be put off buying from a pushy person, whereas 60 per cent of men will heading elsewhere if they feel overly pressured.

Here are the results of our survey.

Gender variations presented in brackets – (women/men)

Not having a car available for a test drive

Pushy salespeople are a surefire way to send buyers running but other problems can put buyers off, too. One third of respondents said not having a car available to test drive would make them abandon a purchase. Equally, a similar proportion felt that if no discount was offered, they’d be inclined to look elsewhere.

30 per cent of those surveyed said an ill-informed salesperson would put them off and long waiting times would send 27.4 per cent of people further afield. Finally, having to haggle would put just under a fifth of buyers off.

Women were less tolerant of poor service than men across all categories – possibly reflecting the fact some women feel under-informed when trying to buy a car so are naturally more suspicious of a pushy car dealer.

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James Hind, CEO of carwow, said: “More than ever before consumers are looking for the quickest and most stress-free way of buying things, and many still feel a bit let down by the car-buying experience. We’re seeing more and more people using carwow when they buy their new car, and the reasons we’re hearing from our users all centre around the fact that our service allows them to sidestep many of the gripes marked out in this survey.

The dealers using our site are constantly monitored for their performance, so the ones that don’t impress won’t have the opportunity to make offers to our users.”

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