Why are cars sold in so few colours?

People have told us theyd like more choice when it comes to choosing the colour of their new car. Most cars on sale are limited to just a few colour options, but why is this?

There are a number of factors that influence the small colour range for most cars. One of the largest, is the cost to the manufacturer. Having to mix lots of different paint colours takes time, which of course would increase costs. However, theres no real reason why they couldnt at least double the amount of options you can order.

Another explanation is that manufacturers are very picky about the appearance of their cars and dont want them to look bad on the road. Its not a good advert for their brand to have customers driving around in a mouldy green coloured car for instance! Designers also claim that certain colours dont suit certain types of cars, so they try to pick shades that show the styling best.

Some colours are far more popular than others, which is why you often find in the brochure that there are many different shades of grey or silver to choose from. Its common to discover that if you want a popular colour then there is a fair bit of choice, whereas there may only be one shade of brown available.

By having a smaller range of colours available on their new cars, it makes the job of second-hand buyers in the future a lot easier. Buyers can work out the shade and colour they like, then its easy to find lots of examples of that car in the same colour when theyre browsing through classifieds.

The colour of your car can have a big impact on the residual values when it comes to selling it too. Popular colours such as silver and black generally get higher prices than unusual colours like pink or gold, manufacturers dont like it if their cars depreciate quickly.

Another reason is to overcome the paralysis of choice, which is where people find it difficult to make decisions because there are too many options on offer. Lets say you wanted a blue Audi A4, if there were ten different shades to pick from then its going to be hard to choose one. You may want to see each shade in the flesh before youre confident in ordering it. Whereas if there is only one shade of blue then it makes the decision a lot quicker and easier.

On high-end cars, such as Bentleys or Ferraris, you can actually get your car painted in whatever colour you like. Say you have a favourite shirt and want it matched to that, then its no issue as long as you pay for it!

When it comes to buying a car, colour is one of the most influencing factors. We were contacted by one user who said the sole reason they didnt order a new Land Rover Freelander is because it wasnt available in red, and they always buy red cars. Car manufacturers, take note.

Is colour a big problem when youre buying a car? Luckily Motors has every colour under the rainbow to ensure they cater for any tastes, no matter how obscure!

We like seeing unusual coloured cars, dare to be different!


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