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The world’s hardest car quiz two: winter edition

Our original World’s Hardest Car Quiz was a summer smash hit, sending hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed car experts into a sweaty spin.

Now winter is here and Jack Frost wants to know who the biggest car brains (nerds) are this festive season.

It’s the usual situation – 21 devilishly hard car questions about everything from supercars to concepts and international automobiles, but this time with a wintry theme. Thaw out your mouse hand and give it a whirl. Will you pick your way carefully to a full-mark finish, or go slip sliding away to an icy demise?

If you get really stuck, then you can always check the answers. But give the quiz a shot first, it’s only fair on the others…

Take the World’s hardest car quiz 2: winter edition


Too tame?

Try our original world’s hardest car quiz. It’s ever so slightly tougher than this one!

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