The world’s hardest car quiz two: winter edition – the answers

If the World’s Hardest Car Quiz two: winter Edition left you baffled, confused and slightly upset, use the answers below as a form of therapy.

Question one

Q: How long would it take Santa’s sleigh to get from the north pole to London, if his sleigh was a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport?

A: It’d take just 10 hours for Santa to hoon a Veyron Super Sport from the North Pole to London – if you could magically refuel without stopping. There’s another question though: does Santa hoon?

Question two

Q: This was the first road vehicle to go faster than 100 kilometres per hour. What is it?

A: La Jamais Contente (the never satisfied). Named after the wife of the chap who spent two years locked in a shed working on his silly bullet-shaped car…

Question three

Q: What car is hidden behind the blue wrapping paper?

A: It’s a Mercedes C-Class estate.

Question four

Q: Which car is named after a small mammal typically found in chilly Siberia?

A: Mercury Sable. Though we’ll give a fiver to the first car company to call a car ‘Marmot’.

Question five

Q: At 100cm high by 137cm long, this is the smallest production automobile. What is it called?

A: It’s a Peel P50

Question six

Q: Icy roads cause thousands of accidents each winter. Which was the first production car to have anti-lock brakes?

A: 1966 Ferguson Jensen FF

Question seven

Q: Which is not a feature of the Tesla Model S P85D?

A: Being able to play Candy Crush on the centre console. Though we daresay some smart cookie will eventually work out how to do it – and then feature in the oddest dangerous driving court appearance ever.

Question eight

Q: Which heads of state are at this Christmas party?

A: Uruguay (VW Beetle), Czech Republic (Skoda Superb), Philippines (Toyota Land Cruiser), USA (The Beast), France (Citroen C6), Brunei (Mercedes AMG G55 AMG)

Question nine

Q: Quick! Someone’s taken your Mum’s Christmas present. What car should you report stolen?

A: Skoda Yeti.

Question 10

Q: It’s -50C (-58F) outside. What would be the first fluid to freeze in your parked car?

A: Coolant (50% anti-freeze) is generally accepted to freeze at about -37C.

Question 11

Q: The gull is one of just a few birds to be found in both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. Which model has doors named after the gull?

A: Mercedes SLS AMG. The Lamborghini and Twizy have scissor-type doors. Scissors aren’t birds.

Question 12

Q: You stumble out of a Christmas party after one too many beers. What taxi are you about to hop into?

A: It’s a Citroen 2CV.

Question 13

Q: In 2009, this was launched as the most affordable production car in the world. What is it?

A: Tata Nano. Not available through carwow, unfortunately.

Question 14

Q: Which VW model is not four-wheel drive?

A: It’s the Golf R cabriolet (the blue soft-top) – famous for being rather overpriced in the UK, and initially getting a rare one-star review from What Car?

Question 15

Q: Created specifically for party animals, this concept car would be great for holiday party-hopping. Who designed it?

A: Honda. And no, we had no idea they allowed LSD in design studios either.

Question 16

Q: The Audi R8 is one of the original all-weather supercars, thanks to its 4×4 system. When it was first announced in 2008, how quickly did it sell out?

A: One week. Still looks good, doesn’t it?

Question 17

Q: What’s just overtaken you?

A: A Bentley Continental GT, wrapped in carwow blue (#00A4FF, hex fans).

Question 18

Q: In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, James Stewart crashes this car into a tree. What’s the car?

A: A 1919 Dodge Brothers.

Question 19

Q: Which car maker received the first royal warrant as a supplier of motor cars to the Crown?

A: Daimler. Perhaps less shocking when you consider the Royal family’s somewhat Teutonic roots.

Question 20

Q: This is both the number of white Christmases in the UK in the 20th century and the number of current Porsche models.

A: 7 – at the time of writing that’s the 911, Cayman, Boxster, Cayenne, Macan, 918 and Panamera.

Question 21

Q: You wake up in an unfamiliar country and see a stop sign. Where are you?

A: Turkey, dur.

That’s your lot! If you fancy a slightly tougher quiz, there’s always the original World’s Hardest Car Quiz.