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World’s Hardest Car Quiz 3: the answers

These are the answers to the World’s Hardest Car Quiz 3.

If you’ve not yet been stumped by this devilish collection of motoring teasers, take the quiz now.

Question 1

Q: What’s this?

A: Audi Q7

Question 2

Q: Spot the odd one out

A: Ford GT – all the others have V8 engines, but the new Ford GT has a V6.

Question 3

Q: What car is shown in an animated gif using its door-edge protectors?

A: Ford Focus

Question 4

Q: What car is this from?

A: Audi R8

Question 5

Q: What car is this gear knob from?

A: McLaren F1

Question 6

Q: BRZ is to GT86 as Kadjar is to… what?

A: Qashqai

Question 7

Q: What’s just overtaken you?

A: Aston Martin Vulcan

Question 8

Q: Which car is this speedo from?

A: Mercedes-AMG C63 estate

Question 9

Q: What’s this?

A: A Mazda Titan Dump

Question 10

Q: What car shares the Pagani Zonda’s temperature controls?

A: Rover 45

Question 11

Q: Which has the most torque?

A: Audi A4 3.0-litre diesel

Question 12

Q: Which isn’t a true fact about the BMW X5?

A: There’s a manual version of the X5 currently on sale

Question 13

Q: What do these two cars have in common?

A: Key

Question 14

Q: What car is this?

A: A Jaguar XE

Question 15

Q: Which car has the shortest 60-0mph stopping distance?

A: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Question 16

Q: What can you use a supercharger for, other than to increase engine power?

A: To charge your Tesla

Question 17

Q: What car is this from?

A: Volvo XC90 R-Design

Question 18

Q: What car is this?

A: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Question 19

Q: What’s the missing link?

A: Dodge Charger Hellcat – the number of exhaust pipes shown counts down from 4 to 1. A Hellcat is the only option that has 2!

Question 20

Q: Which BMW M model did not have a carbon-fibre roof?

A: The M5

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