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The world’s hardest F1 quiz – the answers

When we sat down in the carwow office to design the world’s hardest F1 quiz, we didn’t quite realise just how taxing the internet’s F1 experts would find it.

Fewer than 1% of the people who took the quiz scored between 90% and full marks, so don’t feel too bad.

Here are the official answers – see how many you knew, and even if you were on the right track.

The answers

Question one

Q: Which is the 2014 Lotus F1 car?

A: This one.

Question Two

Q: Pick the four Finns that’ve been awarded the F1 Drivers’ World Championship trophy

A: Mika Häkkinen, Keke Rosberg, Kimi Räikkönen and Nina Rindt.

Nina Rindt was awarded the trophy in 1970. She was awarded it in place of her Austrian husband Jochen Rindt, who lost his life at the Italian Grand Prix that year, but had accumulated enough of a lead to win the championship posthumously.

Question three

Q: Which isn’t a real Murray Walker quote?

A: “The rain is coming down harder, and the track is getting less dry”. Sorry. We’ll stick to writing car reviews.

Question four

Q: Match the moustaches!

A: Ertl, Mansell, Rosberg.

Question five

Q: What type of tyre are these?

A: Soft dry.

Question six

Q: Which legendary Grand Prix circuit is this?

A: Monza.

Question seven

Q: Which road car is the odd one out?

A: Ferrari F40. It’s the only one that hasn’t had a version that’s named after an F1 driver.

We’ve been subjected to the Infiniti FX Vettel edition, Pagani Zonda 760LH (Lewis Hamilton), Fiat Seicento Michael Schumacher edition and the rather dashing Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss.

Question eight

Q: Tyrrell famously raced a six-wheel car from 1976 and many teams then tested the design. Which team didn’t?

A: Hesketh.

Question nine

Q: Downsizing is nothing new – in which year were 2.5-litre engines replaced by 1.5-litre units?

A: 1961.

Question 10

Q: Who is the third most recent person to die driving during a Formula One race weekend session (not testing)?

A: Riccardo Paletti.

Question 11

Q: What does this flag mean in F1?

A: Slow/stationary car ahead.

Question 12

Q: Which driver holds the outright record for fastest speed in an F1 race?

A: Juan Pablo Montoya – the Colombian hit 231.5mph in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 2005.

Question 13

Q: When did F1 cars last race here?

A: 1966. It’s the Reims-Gueux circuit in France, beloved photo opportunity for many a European petrolhead.

Question 14

Q: Who came 3rd in the 1971 Italian Grand Prix, just 0.09 seconds behind the winner?

A: Francois Cevert. The race set a record for the fastest average speed (150.75mph), which wasn’t broken until 2003. The top five finishers were covered by 0.61 seconds!

Question 15

Q: If every race had used the 2014 scoring system, who would have the most career points without winning a World Championship?

A: Rubens Barrichello, in the red Ferrari race suit.

Question 16

Q: Why was the 2008 Singapore GP controversial?

A: Nelson Piquet Jnr deliberately crashed his car.

Question 17

Q: Which statement about Pirelli is not true?

A: A Formula One tyre revolves around 1,200 times a minute at full speed.

Question 18

Q: What caused Johnny Herbert to retire from the 1998 Italian GP at Monza?

A: A spanner. A mechanic left a spanner in the footwell of the car, and it jammed Herbert’s pedals, which led to a crash.

Question 19

Q: What is the shortest distance travelled in an F1 career?

A: 800 metres. The unlucky driver was Marco Apicella, who crashed on the first corner of his only F1 race at Monza in 1993. He was replaced by the next race.

Question 20

Q: What uses 20,000 litres of air per minute?

A: Four pitlane wheel guns.

Question 21

Q: This hideous hooter proves ugly noses have been around a while. Which 1970s F1 car does it belong to?

A: Ensign N179.

Glutton for punishment?

OK, now you know the answers to the world’s hardest F1 quiz. Why not try your more general car knowledge with the world’s hardest car quiz? It’s even tougher…



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