The world’s hardest Ferrari quiz – the answers

Ferrari fans around the internet have been sighing with disbelief after our World’s Hardest Ferrari Quiz threw a harsh spotlight on their knowledge of the Italian supercar maker.

To help you regain face with the rest of the internet’s Ferrari buffs, use our answers to ease your way to a perfect score. We won’t tell, promise.

Question one

Q: Name the only Ferrari made between 1939 and 1945.

A: Tipo 815

Question two

Q: Who is the only person to own this car?

A: Eric Clapton (the one with the black and white guitar!)

Question three

Q: Which of these events happened in the same year as the launch of the Ferrari F40?

A: Enzo Ferrari’s death

Question four

Q: How many forward gears are in the Ferrari FF?

A: 9 – two are in the front gearbox, seven in the rear. Complicated, we know…

Question five

Q: Which driver gave Ferrari its first F1 victory?

A: José Froilán González

Question six

Q: Name this Ferrari concept car.

A: Modulo

Question seven

Q: Who inspired the prancing stallion seen on the Ferrari logo?

A: World War One flying ace Count Francesco Baracca

Question eight

Q: Which is not an Enzo Ferrari quote?

A: “Red is the colour of god.”

Question nine

Q: Which is the odd one out?

A: The Testarossa (it’s a flat 12 and the others are V12s)

Question 10

Q: What is the F1 team’s colour?

A: Rosso Corsa

Glutton for punishment?

If that was too easy, try the world’s hardest F1 quiz – it might surprise you…

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