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The 10 Worst Car Presents Ever

These are the gifts which no-one in their right mind wants to receive at Christmas. Quite possibly, these are the worst car gifts EVER.

Number Plate cufflinks

Custom number plates are a little on the geeky side as it is, unless they’re a particularly good investment. Your personalised licence plate on a set of cufflinks is going a step too far! Not cool at all. Those times where you actually do where a shirt requiring cufflinks, you’re probably looking to impress – this is not the way to do so. It’s baffling how anyone would think this makes a good present.

Leopard Print Wheel Cover

You’re female, you own a car and therefore you’d love a pink, fluffy, leopard print steering wheel cover! Let’s not forget the matching shoulder belt pads that come with it. This screams class and will keep your hands warm in winter. Though, a nice pair of gloves may have been slightly more appreciated…

Windscreen Wiper Mirror

Let me guess, you’ve always wanted a windscreen wiper mirror. Steamed up mirrors are the bane of your life and this swanky product solves the problem. Only part of you feels the £100 could have been spent more wisely, and a quick rub of the mirror lets you glimpse more than enough of your ugly mug in the morning.

Car Mouse

Ah the joys of a novelty car mouse. Only it feels less like an extension of your hand, more like a cheap plastic car shaped toy which doesn’t move as freely as you’d like it to and hurts your wrists. Swiftly disposed into the man drawer.


Okay so a moustache for your car could have been sort of fun … for MOVEMBER. It’s now the end of December, and you’re about to stash this furry beast away for an entire year! By the time you whip this thing out next year, when people may actually find it amusing rather than just bizarre, it’s going to look a bit tired and cobwebby.

Fake sunroof

This is just depressing. Your friend thinks a stupid, shiny plastic sticker will give your car an instant upgrade, ignoring the facts that it a) lets no sunlight in and b) looks pretty unconvincing – the game will be given away the second someone enters the car.

Truck nutz

Quoting the website, Truck Nutz are a “high-quality, novelty, automotive accessory that hang from any bumper and let folks show the world their Nutz”. Enough said.

Initial car mats

This is a seriously lame Christmas gift, as are plain old car mats. Trust me, personalising a car mat does not make it any more appealing. If you’re prone to forgetting your own name however, it could prove useful.

Mercedes Perfume

A disappointing gift in that we don’t associate ‘floral freshness’, ‘lemon essence’, ‘Italian mandarin’ or ‘violet’ with Mercedes. They’re also not particularly manly, or car related fragrances. They could have at least infused some of that new car smell, alongside a hint of burnt tyre, petrol extract and rich hot exhaust notes that men seem to get high on. That would be far more interesting and imaginative!

Silver ferrari money clip

Buying a money clip is foolish, but not as foolish as buying a silver Ferrari branded money clip for £277. Not only can we think of far better things to spend the money on, most people don’t even carry a lot of cash these days and they have something called a wallet! You’ll also look like a total tool getting it out of your pocket. Just in case you do receive this, perhaps you could melt it down, make a bullet out of it and shoot the giver (JOKE).
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