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Maserati guarantees worst Valentine’s Day EVER

It appears Maserati have really raised the bar this year, putting out some how shall I put this… ATROCIOUS suggestions on what to gift her on Valentines Day. Clueless men take heed.

I apologise to those few women out there (I seriously doubt they actually exist but Im totally happy to be proved wrong on this) who would swoon upon receiving such a gift. Perhaps your beloved is a particularly dedicated car nut, or absolutely obsessed with Maserati in which case she *might* appreciate these gifts just a little more than the average woman, but dont say I didnt warn you! Personally I would rather get nothing at all than any of the following items.

Possibly the worst token of affection, at just 14, is a photo mug of either a Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo S, GranCabrio or Quattroporte sport.

However, giving your loved one a necklace emblazoned with the Maserati emblem is also definitely not a romantic gesture! If anything it shows that youve spent far too long on the Maserati website, or in showrooms and that you didnt give her a second thought. As do all of these so-called gifts.
Another option is a silver keyring, clearly a sentimental choice. Or cufflinks, which I have a particular problem with. Have you ever seen a woman jealously admiring another womens cufflinks? No! Because cufflinks are not covetable, and shirts for women without buttons on the cuff are simply an inconvenience which require a subtle solution. Subtle! Not man-sized cufflinks with a car manufacturers logo on.
All of the above are priced between 205 and 355. A large amount of money not well spent. But the following gift really takes the biscuit…
The Damiani Masterpiece keyring costs a whopping 10,588 and is an 18 carat white gold Maserati logo surrounded by 66 diamonds and 232 paved blue sapphires. I am in awe. Though compared to the mugs, at least it’s actually worth something!
Lastly another stand out item is this teddy bear backpack with a Maserati hat and polo shirt. Definitely a bit weird…
If youve already made an error along these lines you still have plenty of time to save yourself. Just know that there is no keyring or mug, that would make your partner the happiest girl in the world.
For a laugh check out the Valentine’s Day section on the Maserati site.
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