Bugatti Veyron

World's fastest sports car easily tops 250mph

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£810,000 Price range


2 Seats


12 MPG


The Bugatti Veyron is a car of superlatives; play Top Trumps with it’s statistics – any of its statistics – and you’ll win. This is the supercar that rewrote the rules, after first tearing up the rule book.

The engineering behind the Veyron is exquisite and unfathomably complex; and the result is the world’s fastest road car. Not necessarily the best, interestingly though, as some question whether it is a bit soulless.

No matter; if you want the fastest, most expensive, most awe-inspiring supercar ever made then you need a Veyron.


Exquisite, beautifully designed, and hideously expensive (each indicator stalk costs over £7,000…) the interior is like nothing you’ve ever seen before according to the world’s motoring press.

It’s surprisingly practical too, featuring leather trim and seats, a top-end stereo, air conditioning, and every creature comfort you’ll ever need; the quest for a 250mph top speed doesn’t mean that the cabin is that of a stripped-out racing car.


Sensational is the word that seems to crop up most often when the experts are writing about the Bugatti. It takes the concept of a fast car and then doubles it; it will eat a McLaren F1 for breakfast, beating it to 200mph even if you give it a 10-second head start, long enough for the F1 to be travelling at 135mph.

It’s a composed car too, though, giving supple suspension, light steering, and powerful, easy-to-modulate brakes; this is a super car that your granny could drive to the supermarket – and you could race at Le Mans.

The bespoke Michelin tyres only have 5mm of tread when they are new, so you’ll need to replace them every 2,500 miles at a cost of £7,500 – each.

Oh, and you also need to replace the wheels every 7,500 miles, at a cost of £30,000…


The quad-turbo, 8-litre, 16-valve engine is an engineering sensation giving more urge than any road car has ever done before. It delivers over 1,000bhp, enough to push the Veyron to over 250mph, via mind-warping levels of acceleration on the way. Even seasoned motoring journalists have been stunned by its speed.

Value for money

Well, there is nothing like it on earth, so if you want to be able to travel this fast you’ll just have to stump up; mind you, rumour has it that VW lose money on each one, which, if true, does make it a kind of bargain…


If you can afford one then the Veyron will provide a motoring experience like no other; it is an engineering tour de force the like of which we will probably never see again.