2020 Ford Puma: Price, specs and release date

Stuart Morrison
August 01, 2019

Prices have been revealed for the new Ford Puma SUV. Keep reading for everything you need to know on the car’s price, specs and release date. 

  • Revealed

    All-new Ford Puma SUV

  • Specs include

    stylish looks and practical interior

  • Price and release date

    from £20,000 on sale later this year

Sure, the new Ford Puma might be a sensible, if stylish, family SUV rather than a cool little coupe, like the original Puma, but there’s still plenty to get excited about the latest addition to Ford’s line-up. 

2020 Ford Puma price and release date

Prices for the new Ford Puma were due to be revealed just before the Frankfurt motor show in September, however, leaks online seem to confirm the car will cost from £20,000 when it goes on sale later this year. That’ll by you a Titanium model with a 125hp petrol engine. By comparison, you can get a Renault Capture for less than £16,000 although it only gets a 90hp petrol or diesel and is due for replacement, any day now. Up your budget to £27,00 and you’ll be able to get your hands on a top-of-the-range Puma in ST-Line X First Edition trim. Paying top dollar means you also get Ford’s 48V mild-hybrid 155hp petrol engine. Ford hasn’t confirmed when the Puma will be available in showrooms, but sometime in the autumn seems likely. 

2020 Ford Puma styling

Calling its latest SUV the Puma might seem like an odd name when the last Ford Puma was such an attractive, and popular, coupe but it’s clear Ford pulled out all the stops to make its new SUV standout. That smiling grille can’t help but put a grin on your face especially with the Puma’s bug-eyed headlights. It even looks fun side-on, the combination of curves on the Puma’s flanks could have come from a jelly mould.

2020 Ford Puma interior

There’s also plenty to like about the 2020 Ford Puma’s interior. It’s dominated by a huge infotainment screen behind the steering wheel – complete with slick animations – and another large screen that sits on the dashboard. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard so it’ll be easy to use your phone’s apps through the car’s big screen. There’s no shortage of equipment either and you’ll be able to have your Puma with massaging seats, a wireless hot spot that can link to up to ten devices and a massive panoramic glass sunroof that floods the cabin with light. 

Keeping your Puma’s interior feeling as fresh as the day it left the showroom can be tricky, especially if you have kids, but Ford has a solution. Seat covers! They’re so easy to remove you can zip them off with one hand and they’re machine washable, so cleaning spills is easy.The covers also mean you can easily alternate between interior colours, or swap sticky leather upholstery for fabric in the summer.

2020 Ford Puma practicality

Okay, this new Puma isn’t as stylish as the old model, but it is a lot more practical. The Ford Puma SUV has room for four tall adults and a 465-litre boot – that’s the biggest you’ll find in a car this size.

A three-stage adjustable boot floor makes loading easy and there’s no need to worry about storing the rear parcel shelf – it can stay in place even when you’re carrying tall items. You also get a MegaBox, which is an 80-litre storage area hidden under the boot floor. This allows you to can carry two sets of golf clubs upright or when the lid is attached, it’s a handy place to store valuables. Oh, and you can even hose it out, because there’s a drain hole in the bottom.

2020 Ford Puma hybrid

This is the first small SUV to get mild-hybrid technology. That’s good for three reasons:

  • You get better fuel economy
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • A 50Nm boost of electric torque when sprinting away from the lights

There are two models to choose from with 125hp and 155hp – both use a 1.0-litre petrol engine that’s boosted by a small electric motor that’s hooked up to a 48V power supply.

The Puma can also accelerate and brake all on its own – even in queues of traffic – gently steer itself in lane, and park itself.

2020 Ford Puma ST-Line

A Puma ST-Line is the sportiest Puma you can get. This gets a bodykit, 18-inch alloy wheels and lowered sports suspension. Inside, there’s a flat-bottomed steering wheel, aluminium pedals and an alloy gear shifter, plus red stitching on the seats and the option of part-leather upholstery.