Servicing and warranty guide

The dealers on carwow are all official main UK dealers, just like your local dealer. Main dealers are the only dealers licensed to sell a manufacturer’s cars and all new cars of the same brand come with the same warranty and can be serviced anywhere, regardless of where they are bought. Dealers make most of their money from servicing and warranty work, so will gladly welcome your business!


You can have your car serviced at any dealer, regardless of where you buy it from. For example, if you live in London, and bought a car from a Scottish dealer, you can still get the car serviced at your local dealer in London.

Some manufacturers sell service packs, which cover three, four or five years of servicing. The same applies to service packs, the car can still be serviced at any main dealer, including your local one!

We have heard reports that some salespeople have said that if the car isn’t bought from them that they won’t welcome you when it comes to having it serviced – this isn’t true. The sales and service department of a dealership are completely separate. The service department is usually the most profitable part of a dealership, and you won’t be turned away for a service simply because you didn’t buy the car from them.


All the dealers on carwow are UK main dealers, so the new cars they sell come with the same warranty as your local dealer.

Every new car comes with the same warranty, regardless of which dealership it is bought from. The terms and length of the warranty on each new car from the same brand are the same across all dealers.

Any repairs under warranty can be carried out at any dealer. Again, they will welcome your business, even if you didn’t buy the car from them, as that’s where they make their money. In the case of the warranty the manufacturer is paying the dealer to repair the car.

If you buy an extended warranty then again repairs can be carried out at any dealer.