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Peugeot Just Add Fuel: what you need to know

Peugeot has helped many drivers get behind the wheel thanks to its hassle-free Just Add Fuel scheme. It combines road tax, insurance, servicing and finance payments into one package meaning, as the name suggests, you just pay for the fuel. The 208 and 2008 are now available to young buyers expanding its appeal further.

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What is Just Add Fuel?

Peugeot has done away with the hassle of organising financeinsurance, road tax, breakdown assistance and servicing costs with its Just Add Fuel scheme. For a fixed monthly payment, you can drive away a brand new car and, providing you keep it topped up with fuel, you’ve no other costs to worry about. After three years you even get the opportunity to upgrade to a newer model.

How does it help younger drivers?

Recently Peugeot updated the scheme to make it open to drivers under the age of 21. Drivers as young as 18 can be insured to drive brand-new cars thanks to the fitment of plug-in telematics boxes. These devices monitor a number of parameters including speed, G-forces and satellite tracking to determine how well a vehicle is being driven.

Drivers can access their aggregated driving scores online. If necessary, a driver can be given feedback on how to improve their driving to prevent their insurance policy from being cancelled – ignore these warnings and, after four strikes, you’re out. Behave yourself, however, and you can take advantage of this brilliant deal, clearing one of the biggest hurdles for new drivers – the dreaded costs of insurance.

In addition, telematics-based policies designed predominantly for drivers aged between 18 and 21 have now been made available to drivers aged between 21 and 75 who either have fewer than two years no-claims bonus, or have held a driving license for fewer than two years.

Save money on your new car

The Peugeot Just Add Fuel scheme is arguably the simplest way to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle and, for many drivers, nothing beats owning your own car. If this sounds tempting, put your ideal Peugeot in our car configurator to get it for a great price.

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