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The best car insurance comparison websites

Insuring a new car can be a time consuming and expensive process – you could easily spend hours on the phone or filling out endless online forms before you find a good deal. Thankfully there are loads of handy price comparison websites ready to help you out – we’ve trawled the internet to find the five best…

Using the same personal details on every site, we’ve compared how much it would cost to insure a 1.2-litre Nissan Qashqai as a 42-year-old female estate agent living in Hastings. We’ve ranked the following websites in order of how easy they were to use, the quality of the quotes they delivered and how simple it was to tweak our details.

1. Money Supermarket

Best quote – £512.88

Number of policies compared – 63

Money Supermarket doesn’t boast the slickest user interface but we were impressed by the huge variety of quotes on offer and the significant savings available. Not only did Money Supermarket deliver at least 10 more quotes than any other service but we could have saved more than £180 by using this site.

You can quickly edit basic details – such as voluntary excess and the type of cover you’re after – on the quotes page and each offer is explained clearly and in detail. Click on the ‘More’ button and you can access full terms and conditions, insurer contact details and a unique quality score feature designed to make comparing policies easier.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to dive back into a large form if you want to change any of your personal details.

2. Go Compare

Best quote – £695.12

Number of policies compared – 51

Go Compare features a simple interface with clear to read pages and helpful explanation popups if you need a hand filling in your details. Once you’ve received your quotes, you can list them by either annual premium or monthly instalments and filter your results based on whether they offer, for example, a free courtesy car or windscreen cover.

Each quote comes with a clear breakdown of the costs involved. Any extra terms, such as whether you’d be required to fit a black box device to your car, are clearly displayed in a highlighted banner, too.

Unfortunately, if you want to edit any personal details you’ll have to cycle through the whole form-filling process before you can view your updated quotes. You can, however, access more information on each insurance quote, including full terms and conditions and a selection of customer reviews, on the main quotes page.

3. Compare the Market

Best quote – £695.12

Number of policies compared – 45

Entering your details into Compare the Market is simple thanks to its sensible autofill options and easy to understand icons. Unfortunately, this site takes significantly longer than many rivals to compare insurance deals.

You can, however, quickly and easily alter key details, such as cover type and voluntary excess amount, without leaving the quotes page. You can also access more information about each insurer, including customer reviews and a full breakdown of the cover they provide, alongside your quotes, too.

Should you wish to change any extra information, an easy to understand menu bar lets you jump to the relevant section without cycling through numerous additional pages. This is a particularly useful feature not offered by any other site on our list.

4. Confused

Best quote – £694.10

Number of policies compared – 49

Confused doesn’t have quite the same slick interface as our top three sites and its online form requires you to enter your details using a slightly haphazard combination of text boxes and large buttons. Once you’ve received your quotes, however, dedicated buttons allow you to quickly adjust your cover type and excess amount without jumping back into a giant form.

Click on ‘learn more’ and a few more terms on each policy are listed but not to the same comprehensive level as either Compare the Market or Go Compare – it would have been nice to see a customer reviews section, too.

Each quote is clearly explained, however, and this site features the three cheapest policies in three different categories at the top of the quotes page – ideal to give your scrolling finger a bit of a rest.

5. U Switch

Best quote – £698.77

Number of policies compared – 39

The best quote from U Switch was in the same ballpark as our top four but this comparison website couldn’t quite match the broad selection of offers from any of its key rivals.

Unlike a number of other price comparison websites, there isn’t a handy autofill feature to help you complete the numerous online forms. As a result, we found ourselves spending significantly longer on the U Switch website than any other listed here.

Once you do receive your quotes, however, you’ll find plenty of information about each insurer and the terms and conditions of their respective policies. Unfortunately, there’s no ratings or reviews system to help you judge which policy is right for you.

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