The UK’s most popular car colour

February 12, 2016 by

What’s the UK’s most popular car colour? If you think you know, check out our article to see if you’re right…

For the third year in a row, white has been named as the UK’s most popular car colour. More than one-in-five new cars sold in 2015 were specified in this shade translating to more than half-a-million new white cars hitting the road. This is in stark contrast with its meagre 1.1 per cent share in 2007.

While it retains its the top position, it only improved its share compared to 2014 by 2.2 per cent compared to second place black’s 5.3 per cent. This means that, if this trends continue, black cars could soon retake the lead. Also making big gains was third place grey – popularised by German brands such as Audi and Mercedes – with an impressive 21.1 per cent gain translating to more than 400,000 new grey cars.

Grey cars saw a big increase in market share

On the whole, understated shades were much more popular with UK buyers generally preferring to fly under the radar in a white, black or grey car rather than stand out with a striking hue. Nevertheless, the biggest gains in the top 10 were seen by green cars – the seventh most popular colour – with a 31.2 per cent improvement and, bizarrely, mauve cars which moved into tenth place representing a 30 per cent improvement.

Mauve cars moved into the top 10 for 2015

Drivers in the West Midlands proved to have some of the most outlandish tastes with new mauve and orange cars being the most likely to be registered here. Yellow cars – among the most divisive of hues – saw big gains of 12.7 per cent compared to 2014 and are most likely to be registered in the South East.

Orange cars proved popular in the West Midlands

Brown cars were looking like they’d make big gains in recent years but, compared to 2014, have dropped to eighth place – representing a 23.3 per cent reduction in new registrations compared to 2014. Previous safe bet silver also made losses in 2015 with 5.2 per cent fewer new registrations compared to 2014.

White and black cars are notoriously hard to keep clean

One group sure to benefit from the continued popularity of white and black cars is car wash owners. As explained in our best car colours post, white and black cars might have excellent residual values but are among the hardest shades to keep clean, guaranteeing plenty of future work for your local car washers.

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