Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet gets small tweaks for 2016

August 28, 2015 by

New colours, updated engines and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them styling changes cover the extent of the updates for the 2016 Golf Cabriolet

Volkswagen has announced an update to the Golf Cabriolet, which has been on sale almost unchanged since 2011.

This refresh consists of subtle styling and trim changes both inside and out, as well as a tweaked range of engines which now all gain Euro 6 emissions certification.

Based on the previous-generation Golf hatchback (called the Mk6 – the current Golf is the Mk7), the minor touch-ups to the front and rear bumpers, plus more shapely side skirts are only noticeable if you’re the most eagle-eyed of Mk6 Golf fans. More easy to spot are the six new alloy wheel designs, the six new exterior colour options and one new colour choice for the canvas roof. The image below shows the refreshed version (in orange) next to the previous iteration.

The exterior changes are very subtle!

Inside, the cabriolet is treated to steering wheel designs from the latest generation of VWs, and the seats are trimmed in new cloth and leather upholstery styles.

Buyers can pick from among four petrol and two diesel engines, which are also available throughout the rest of the Golf lineup. Power outputs range from the 104hp 1.2 TSI to a 217hp 2.0-litre turbo lump which is largely similar to the unit found in the Golf GTI.

Prices haven’t yet been confirmed, but the outgoing model starts from £22,540 and rises to £32,470, so expect the updated car to cost roughly the same.