New TVR sportscar price, specs and release date

April 04, 2016 by

TVR will build a new sports car using carbon fibre technology and a powerful Cosworth-developed V8 engine. Here’s what we know so far…

British sports car maker TVR has announced it will build a new carbon fibre sports car with a Cosworth-built V8 engine at a new factory in South Wales. Read our article for all the details we know so far…

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New TVR styling

Only one teaser image has emerged of what could be the new TVR but no additional information has been released. TVRs were often some of the wildest and most extreme looking cars on the road so we’d be a little disappointed if the brand’s newest creation didn’t continue this tradition.

Ambitious interior designs were a trademark of previous TVR models

New TVR interior

As with the exterior styling, no images or official details havebeen released regarding the new car’s interior. TVRs of the past were commonly fitted with slightly wacky interiors but were let down by basic equipment and sub-standard build quality – we hope the new car addresses these issues.

TVR’s back-catalogue includes cars such as this, the highly exclusive Typhon

New TVR engine and driving

TVR has confirmed that the legendary tuning firm Cosworth is helping to develop a V8 engine for use in the new sports car. This unit will reportedly develop between 450 and 500hp and drive the rear wheels through a manual gearbox.

The firm has enlisted the help of legendary F1 designer Gordon Murray to assist in the chassis development process. Using an innovative carbon fibre production method, weight can be kept low and chassis strength increased over a conventional pressed steel platform.

Cars such as the Chimera, pictured here, helped TVR gain a large number of devoted fans

New TVR price and release date

TVR has not announced how much its new car will cost, but it has already taken more than 350 deposits from eager customers. The recently revived brand hopes to start production at its new South Wales facility in 2017.

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