Renault Twingo GT price, specs and release date

June 07, 2016 by

A hot hatch version of the dinky Renault Twingo city car has been announced – read on for everything we know so far…

Renault has announced a sporty version of its Twingo city car, dubbed the Twingo GT. With a fiery rear-mounted turbocharged petrol engine and rear-wheel drive, it’s a unique choice among more conventional front-wheel drive models. Here’s what we know so far…

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Renault Twingo GT styling

The standard Twingo takes its styling inspiration from famous Renault hatchbacks of the past – there’s more than a hint of the iconic Renault 5 in its silhouette, along with the original Twingo of the ’90s. The GT ups the nostalgia factor by offering body stripes and distinctive alloy wheels that pay tribute to famous American aircraft, apparently…

There’s a new air scoop on the side to aid cooling for the car’s unusual rear-engined layout. Of course, there’s also a range of new colours to choose from – the orange featured in our pictures is probably the most eye-catching, but buyers can also choose white, black and grey shades.

Regular non-GT model shown here

Renault Twingo GT interior

Renault hasn’t yet released pictures of the new model’s interior, but it seems safe to say that there won’t be many large differences from the normal Twingo. That means a bold, if simple, design that offers reasonable quality and lots of character. The GT gains orange accents and aluminium trim to mark it out from lesser models. Renault’s comparatively simple-to-use touchscreen infotainment system is also likely to make an appearance.

Regular non-GT model shown here

In terms of space, the four seater layout of the normal car is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room for normal sized adults in the rear. Unfortunately, boot space will be a rather small 188-litres, but most people will probably use the rear seats for storage space if they need.

Renault Twingo GT driving and engine

Renault claims it’s tuned the Twingo GT to be more involving than the standard car and, given its form with other hot hatches including the RenaultSport Clio, we can believe the claim. Specifically, there have been tweaks made to the suspension, stability control calibration and variable-rate steering, helping the Twingo GT feel that bit more involving to drive. The fact it’s rear-wheel drive will be a selling point for purists, too.

Under the bonnet – or the bootlid, in this case – lies an uprated version of the 0.9-litre turbocharged engine already found in lesser Twingos. It produces 110hp which may not sound like a lot, until you realise the Twingo GT weighs a lot less than many hot hatch rivals. The standard car has 20hp less and manages the 0-62mph sprint in just under 11 seconds, so we’d expect the GT to complete it in around 9 – plenty for a car this size.

Renault Twingo GT price

The standard Twingo isn’t an especially cheap city car, despite its small size, and prices range between £9,500-£13,500. We’d hazard a guess that this extra level of performance will add around £1,000 to the price of a top-end Twingo, with the most expensive versions costing around £15,000.

Renault Twingo GT release date

Renault has officially announced that the Twingo GT will make its world debut at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed in June. This suggests it’ll be available by winter 2016, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on one.

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