All new Renaults to get standard 20-inch wheels

September 12, 2016 by

The latest Renault Scenic will come as standard 20-inch alloy wheels – with all future Renault models set to follow suit

The Renault Scenic replacement has just been revealed. In an attempt to draw people to what is a traditionally a dull segment, Renault will sell the next Scenic as standard with stylish 20-inch alloy wheels – unprecedented in the class. Renault design boss, Laurens Van Den Acker has indicated all future Renault models could get this wheel size.

The next Renault model to be updated is thought to be the Clio supermini while other cars in the pipeline include the Kadjar family SUV, the Captur compact crossover and a selection of models not sold in the UK including the Talisman saloon and Espace MPV.

Bigger wheels – often the preserve of more stylish, upmarket models – are at the heart of the redesign to make the people carrier an object of both function and form. The move is intended to reduce development costs by needing only one size of wheel to be built. Concentrating on setting up the car on one wheel size rather than many, is expected to yield better overall handling and ride quality.

Standard fitment of the unconventionally large wheels goes hand-in-hand with the brand’s renewed styling direction. Renault wanted to create an attractive MPV without losing a core value of comfort and claims to have done this by avoiding a low profile tyre. The newest Scenic sidewall is 107mm, the same as the current Scenic sitting on 17-inch wheels. More rubber between alloy and road means more comfort and Renault says the Scenic will “ensure ride comfort that is amongst the very best”.

The big wheels have no larger contact patch than the smallest wheel and tyre combination on the current model, minimising rolling resistance to maximise fuel economy. A typical range of diesel and petrol engines will sit in the new Scenic and Grand Scenic to make the most of the low-friction tyres, while a hybrid will also join the lineup for the first time, too.

The revitalised looks sees an almost identical interior copied over from the Renault Megane, with 8.7-inch vertical touchscreen embedded in a neat, uncluttered centre console.

The new Scenic and Grand Scenic will hit UK showrooms towards the end of the year priced from around £22,000. More Renault models will get the larger wheel package over the course of 2017.