Audi on demand car rental – what you need to know

July 12, 2017 by

Audi on demand lets you rent a selection of models via a phone app – it’s being trialled in the US and Germany but will soon start in the UK

  • Audi launches on demand rental service
  • Renters use a smartphone app to book their slot
  • Models offered range from A3 to R8 supercar
  • A3 currently offered from £100 per day

If you like the idea of driving an Audi but only want it for a few days or don’t fancy the long-term costs, Audi on demand might be the answer. The new service lets you pick an Audi model and a rental slot that suits you using your smartphone. It’s currently on trial in San Francisco and Munich but is likely to appear at UK Audi dealerships soon.

What is Audi on demand?

Audi on demand is a car rental service run directly by Audi. You use a smartphone app to select the model you want, the period you want it for and whether you’d like to collect it or have it delivered.

What models are covered by Audi on demand?

A huge selection of popular Audi models are offered starting with the A3 Sportback, moving up through the A4, A6 and A7 ranges. Performance fans can choose from models including the S3, S4 and S7 ranges but, if you’re feeling particularly flush or just want to treat yourself, the incredible R8 supercar is also offered through the scheme.

How do I rent a car through Audi on demand?

To start the rental process, you simply need to download the app and register your details on it. From there, you select the model you want, the time slot you want to rent it for and whether you’d like to collect it or have it dropped off. Once it’s dropped off, an Audi representative will briefly talk you through the car’s systems so you feel familiar with it.

Who can rent a car with Audi on demand?

While UK rules are yet to be confirmed, Audi currently requires US renters to be aged 25 or older and in possession of a valid driving licence – it’s likely that these requirements will remain in the UK. You will also need a valid credit card to pay for the rental and you can only make one reservation at a time for the same time slot.

Anything else I need to know?

Unsurprisingly, you’ll be required to keep the car in good condition – this includes making sure you use the correct fuel type and grade to refill the tank and ensuring you don’t smoke in the cabin. There are also mileage limitations for certain models – typically the high performance ones – that could increase the price noticeably if you exceed them.

You’re permitted to take your pet in the car provided they stay in an airline-approved carry carrier and Audi asks that you put a cover over the backseats to protect them. You’ll have to pay for any damage your pet does to the car and any time the car spends out of service while the damage is repaired.

If you require any child seats, bike racks, ski storage or any similar equipment, Audi will provide these for free. Simply make a note in your app booking comments section and your car will arrive with them fitted.

In the US, you may return the car with its fuel tank filled to avoid any further charges. You’re permitted to return the car without a full tank but Audi will charge you for the fuel needed to refill the car at the current market rate. When the car first arrives it’ll have a full tank of fuel.

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