Five reasons why date night means car night

February 14, 2019 by

Find yourself torn between the love the for that special someone and the love for your car? Let carwow come to your rescue with valentines ideas that let you combine your two great passions.

1) Escape to the country

Bored of city life? Then get fuelled up and shipped out somewhere away from the stresses of being surrounded by people – and devote your time to the one that matters! Even if you don’t enjoy the date, well… at least you can enjoy the drive.

2) The stars at night

No, not Van Gogh’s masterpiece – the real stars at night. Pump the romance up to 11, escape the glow of the city and cuddle up for a romantic evening taking in the universe from the comfort of your heated leather seat.

3) Park picnic

Okay, so you’re going be cold – but we all know the best way to get warmed up… Anyway, a picnic in the local park means you can avoid the moans and grown’s of the other half – who’s perhaps isn’t so keen on long drives – and still get a little bit of time behind the wheel. Sorted!

4) Sunset drive

Okay, so the UK might not have Sunset Boulevard but it most definitely does have sunsets – and nothing gets the romance flowing quite like the sun disappearing below the horizon. Cloudy? No problem – check the forecast, and motor your way to romantic bliss.

5) Glamping

More adventurous? Rev up your engine and take your loved one on a… glamping trip! What’s that? Picture camping, but with all the misery removed. Why let the train take the strain when you could grab this opportunity to get some quality car time.