Alfa Romeo 4C - 2013's Most Important Sports Car Debuts At Geneva

Alfa Romeo 4C front angle

Alfa Romeos have long been cars to buy more with the heart than with the head.

Achingly pretty most of the time, they've occasionally been let down by iffy reliability or a drive that just wasn't as good as their rivals.

When the wraps come off the production Alfa Romeo 4C at the Geneva Motor Show this March, that will finally change.

Even the styling, to some degree. While distinctive, the beaky front end and complicated curves haven't been to all tastes in concept form, though we don't doubt it'll look better out on the road.

That's because the new 4C is everything a sports car should be - light weight, compact, and dramatic.

Alfa Romeo 4C top

Alfa Romeo has quoted neither official power figures nor kerb weight yet, but they've revealed that every horsepower produced by the 1.7-litre turbocharged engine will have less than 4 kilograms to push around.

Estimates are putting power somewhere in the 240-horsepower region for the mid-engined, caarbon-fibre 4C, meaning weight could be as little as 950 kg - making the Mazda MX-5 and Toyota GT86 look like lumbering giants.

It'll cost more than either of those, with figures of "under 50,000 being whispered, but performance should be spectacular with the racer-like power-to-weight ratio.

Power will be sent through Alfa's TCT dual-clutch gearbox, and as with other modern Alfas, a 'DNA' switch will allow you to pick different driving modes. 'Dynamic' it is, then...

Priced from: Under 50,000 (estimated)
Available from: Not yet announced

Alfa Romeo 4C rear angle


Full details of the 4C will surface at Geneva, including the all-important price. Love or hate the styling, it's the spec sheet that gets our juices flowing, and the 4C could become a bit of a star. One thing is for certain - the 4C is the car carwow is most eager to drive this year...
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