Make A Wish, Alfa Romeo: Happy 90th Birthday Quadrifoglio Verde!

The 'Quadrifoglio Verde' badge - or Cloverleaf - is wearing its 90 years rather well. If at 90 years old we look as good as Alfa Romeo's iconic badge, we reckon we'll be doing quite alright. Though in our case it may take a little more than a mild nip and tuck to keep us looking youthful.

The Quadrifoglio Verde can trace its roots back to 1923 when it first appeared on Ugo Sivocci's 'RL'. In it he won the 14th edition of the Targa Florio.

It was the birth of something special. Ever since that date, all of Alfa's racing cars have worn the lucky charm. It's surely one of the most instantly recognisable car badges in the world.

And let's not forget, Alfa Romeo has been making the most beautiful road cars for generations. Ever since 1960, that little green badge has become synonymous with some of the most sought-after and highly acclaimed Alfas of recent years.

Going through the 'Quadrifoglio Verde' back catalogue reads like an entire chapter of wonderful motor cars. The Giulia TI Super, Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, 1750 GT Veloce, Alfasud ti Quadrifoglio Verde and the 164 Quadrifoglio Verde - to name but a few.

Today, in the UK at least, the Alfa Romeo range has shrunk. Buyers can only choose between the MiTo supermini and the Giulietta five-door hatchback. But that hasn't stopped Alfa Romeo rolling out a few special editions to mark the 90th birthday of 'Quadrifoglio Verde'.

Alfa Romeo Mito SBK

The ultimate of which has to be the MiTo SBK - a limited edition based on the 'Quadrifoglio Verde', but with one or two added features. Like the side skirts, the red Brembo brake calipers behind the 18-inch titanium alloy wheels and the black body with Alfa red roof.

Inside you'll find some pretty hardcore Sabelt seats with a wraparound carbonfibre backrest made with Resin Transfer Moudling technology that mates mechanical resistance with smaller dimensions and lightness. Fancy.

There's a host of other details, too, but if you fancy one, you'll need to be quick. Only 200 will be built.

But if that's too hardcore for you - or you missed out on the production run - the standard MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde is available. It retains the same 170bhp version of the 1.4-litre MultiAir Turbo engine, so you won't be missing out on pace, even if you are missing out on the limited edition plague found in the SBK.

For something a little bigger there's the 235bhp Giulietta 170 TBi Cloverleaf. If nothing else, the Giulietta wears the little green badge on the top of the front wing with real style.

Priced from: 18,765
Available from: Now

Alfa Romeo Giulietta


Today's Alfa Romeo's may simply be Fiats in pretty dresses, but there's no denying they are still amongst the most beautiful 'affordable' production cars you can buy today.

As the chaps from a well-known TV programme may tell you, you're not a true petrolhead until you've own an Alfa Romeo. So with the 'Quadrifoglio Verde' badge turning 90, why not join in the celebrations by treating yourself to a new car?!

The Giulietta gets a respectable 7.6 buzzScore, with the MiTo just behind on 7.2.Click on each model to see our full buying guides with reviews, user reviews, photos, videos and stats.

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