New Alfa Romeo Mito TwinAir: Five Things You Need to Know

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Neither the Alfa Romeo Mito nor the Fiat groups TwinAir engine arenew, but the Mito TwinAir marks their first coming-together in thesame vehicle, indeed in an Alfa of any sort, and its on sale now.

The question is, will the characterful little engine and charismaticbadge be enough to draw you away from its rivals? And should you buyone over the Mito JTDm? Weve picked out the most important details.

TwinAir gives the Mito some character

alfa romeo mito side
People bleat on all the time about Alfas having passion andcharacter, but truth be told Dustin Hoffman would have had to work ahell of a lot harder to seduce Mrs Robinson in a Mito than he did inhis old Duetto Spider. Thus, the distinctive burble of a twin-cylinderengine under the bonnet could be just what the Mito needed.

It gets great official figures

alfa romeo mito black twin air badge
Alfa is pitching the Mito TwinAir on the back of its free road tax,London congestion charge exemption and the lowest company car BenefitIn Kind rate of 10 percent. It sneaks in with 98 g/km of CO2 andoffers official combined economy of 67.3 mpg.

Which youll never match in the real world

alfa romeo mito rear
The trouble is, the Mito TwinAir is about as likely to hit that figurein day-to-day driving as Silvio Berlusconi is likely to remainmonogamous. By all means buy a Mito TwinAir on the basis of tax breaksand sticking two fingers up at Transport for London, but dont besurprised if youre getting fuel economy figures in the low 40s. Wantproper economy? Probably best sticking to the diesel.

But you may not care

alfa romeo mito engine
Of course, the TwinAir engine offers more than just high (claimed)economy. Weve driven the same engine in the Chrysler Ypsilon, andits great fun to drive. In the Alfa, its had tweaks to improverefinement, but also tweaks to lend it a suitably Alfa-esque exhaustnote. The turbocharged unit produces the same 85 horsepower, but gainsAlfas Dynamic, Natural and All-weather options to alter drivingcharacteristics.
alfa romeo interior

Two trim levels

Alfa Romeo Black Front
The Mito TwinAir comes in two trim levels - Sprint, starting from14,150, and Distinctive at 15,350. 16-inch alloys, Bluetooth andclimate control are among the Sprints standard features, andDistinctive adds 17-inch alloys, red brake calipers, parking sensorsand a dash of chrome. Like all Alfas, the TwinAir comes with athree-year unlimited mileage warranty, covering parts, materials andlabour.
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