Fancy a brand new Aston Martin for just £31k?

Sound too good to be true? Well we hate to disappoint, you but it sort of is!

The launch details of the luxury micro-car first unveiled at Harrods in November have been confirmed. Aston Martins Cygnet city car will commence its production at Gaydon HQ in the UK in April and is on sale as we speak throughout Europe, with prices starting as low as 30,995.
Aston Martin claim the Cygnet does not compromise on that unique Aston Martin feel and is the ultimate solution for a luxury commuter car. Its certainly compact at only 3 metres in length, practical for driving and parking in the city, and can hold 4 passengers. It is also fuel efficient, giving 48.9 MPG and spewing out just 120g/km of CO2 . This will significantly aid the brand in offsetting their emissions figures.
Power comes from a 1.33 petrol engine, giving 97bhp and 0-62mph in 11.6 seconds. The perfect addition to your DB9, DBS, Rapide or V8 Vantage. We wish!
Based on the Toyota iQ, the Cygnet is in effect a dressed up, slightly more glamorous model. The two cars have the exact same engine, the Cygnet however has a hand-crafted, reworked interior apparently comparable to their current supercars. It is lovingly painted, trimmed and assembled by the same technicians who make their current range, to ensure it delivers the same high quality experience.

In contrast to the iQ, the Cygnet has unique headlights and tail-lights along with different exterior skin panels and signature detailing such as the metal grille. The only other additional features over the iQ are keyless entry, heated seats and satellite navigation. Personally we cant see the same attention to detail as Aston Martin give to their sports cars, the Satnav plonked on the dashboard looks like any old device youd pick up from Halfords!
Two limited editions of the vehicle are available, White and Black. The White version has a Snow White exterior finish with silver mesh, chrome brightwork, White Diamond turned alloys, as well as matching white Aston Wing badges. The interior showcases hand trimmed pearly white leather and satin chrome seats.

The Black Cygnet receives Magic Black metallic paint with a deep sea green effect, offset by matt black louvers and chrome brightwork, the wing badges appearing in black. Its interior is black full grain leather with a diamond pattern alongside dark chrome accents.
You may feel the dent in your wallet is slightly lessened by the bespoke Bill Amberg five-piece luggage set you are given 'free of charge'. Or not.


We do see the need for Aston Martin to produce the Cygnet, its an effective way for them to meet the stringent EU requirements. However, they do risk devaluing their brand by essentially just creating a fancy iQ.

Though we're huge fans of the iQ, for Aston Martin to simply swathe it in leather, leaving the engine completely untouched and then double the price seems a little wrong. Perhaps we just expected something feeling a tad more special from such a well-respected brand.


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