Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 - Gaydon's Road-Ready Gentleman Racer?

What is this?

A standard Vantage, laden with mild technical upgrades and more extensive cosmetic detailing. That's the Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 in a cynical nutshell.

Is that it, then?

At face value, yes. Whereas the 'N' stood for 'Nurburgring' on this car's spiritual predecessors, the Vantage N400 and N420 models, you could sarcastically say it would be more appropriate if "Nip-and-tuck" was the official designation.

Joking aside, though, the updates to the stock Vantage when given the N430 treatment do go some way to making an already special car an even more unique proposition for potential buyers.

Aston Martin N430 detail

So, what's new?

Mechanically, not a huge amount. Bar the slightly re-tuned suspension settings and faster steering system, the biggest upgrade on the N430 involves the 4.7 litre V8 engine, which - with a max output of 436 horsepower - is some 10hp more potent than the same motor in the donor car.

Whilst that doesn't sound like much, the extra oomph - in conjunction with a 20kg weight saving over a standard Vantage - brings with it incremental performance boosts, with the N430's 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds and 190mph top speed beating the 'normal' car's stats by a tenth of a second and four miles per hour respectively.

Aston Martin N430 wheel

Modifications to the exterior and interior, however, are a fair bit more substantial, with tweaks to the bodywork consist mostly of smaller pieces being painted black, such as the front grille and lamb cluster surrounds, along with N430-exclusive touches like the graphite-finished forged alloy wheels.

Inside, carbon-fibre and Kevlar-crafted lightweight sports seats headline a mild overhaul of the Vantage's hand crafted cabin, with swathes of carbon-fibre and Alcantara trim pieces, contrast stitching and the obligatory assortment of 'N430' logos rounding off the updates to the interior.

Aston Martin N430 interior

Anything else?

If you're a fan of unique and distinctive paint jobs, then you'll almost certainly fall head over heels upon seeing the eye-catching assortment of colour schemes that are available to spec on the N430, most of which are inspired by the liveries of noteworthy Aston Martin racing cars past and present.

If those weren't enough for you, there's also a Club Sport decal package available as an optional extra, which adds distinctive decals akin to those on last year's CC100 Speedster concept to the Vantage N430's already distinctive paint options.

Aston Martin N430 seats

How much is it?

No official prices for the N430 Coupe and Roadster models have been announced by Aston Martin at time of writing, though it's expected that more details will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show in a fortnight's time, where the special edition Vantage will be sitting pride of place on the Aston Martin stand.

It is possible, however, to enquire at official Aston Martin dealerships about test driving an N430 demonstrator model.

Aston Martin N430 main

In aline

Aston Martin's slightly egotistical - but oh-so-cool - pat on the back to itself.

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