Aston Martin unveils new Vanquish, jaws drop

The original Aston Martin Vanquish holds a special place in the heart of petrolheads worldwide, being the first car to showcase a design language that endures to this day.

That makes the new Vanquish not just a Vanquish in name alone, but the latest instalment of the beauty and aggression started by its predecessor.
aston martin vanquish brown rear
This time though, inspiration is also taken from Astons current flagship, the One-77 supercar.
That means elongated side strakes, LED rear light blades and a large, protruding front grille. Theres a hint of DBS on steroids about it, so on styling alone it more than lives up to the Vanquish name.
aston martin vanquish silver
Under the bonnet its a similar story, with a heavily revised 6.0-litre V12 taking centre stage. Paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the V12 puts 565 bhp and 620 Nm of torque through the 305-section rear tyres, enough to out-punch any other production Aston Martin, save for the One-77.
aston martin vanquish brown back night
The benchmark 0-60mph sprint should be reached within 4.1 seconds, and if your commute takes in a section or two of derestricted autobahn, 183mph is there for the taking.
The company has learned other things from the One-77, including the ways of carbon fibre. As such, the Vanquish is constructed from the stuff, saving weight and increasing torsional rigidity by more than 25 percent.
aston martin vanquish interior
Torsional rigidity is all well and good, but potential owners will be pleased to hear that the interior will meet their luxury GT needs too.
aston martin vanquish dash
Luggage space is up by more than 60 percent over the DBS that the Vanquish replaces, the cabin builds on previous Aston Martins, and theres more interior space than ever. Its also available with the option of two small rear seats, and everything is as luxurious as youd hope.
aston martin vanquish brown badge
On sale: Late 2012
Price: From £189,995
aston martin vanquish brown side
It’s always a risky business re-using a legendary moniker, but we aren’t worried about Aston Martin applying Vanquish badges to their latest GT.
With all the key ingredients – looks, power, beauty – the new Vanquish seems like the perfect sequel.
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