2012 Aston Martin Vantage Facelift - What's Different?

The Aston Martin Vantage V8 has been given a host of upgrades, with the base model now far closer in specification to the Vantage S and the price has been reduced too!

Both the Coupe and the Roadster benefit from the changes and the new cars are due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month, although you can order them now.


The Vantage V8 has been given a lower bumper complete with splitter and a larger air intake for the engine and front brakes. The changes are mirrored at the back with the addition of a diffuser, while race-derived sills link the two.
Vantage Roadster 2012
Whether they are successful will depend on the beholder of course, but it does look a bit of an afterthought in our eyes; if Halfords did body-kits for an Aston they might well look like this, although the factory claim that they have been inspired by the Vantage S and limited-edition N400.
We are more impressed with the news that the tyres are now 10mm wider helping to improve the already prodigious roadholding, while bigger brakes and quicker steering keep it all feeling nice and rounded.
2012 V8 Vantage
Hill Start Assist is now fitted as standard too, which will be good news for drivers who dont know how to pull away on a slope without electronic intervention.


There have been no changes to the interior, which is probably no bad thing as its a lovely place to be.


The Vantages V8 engine remains untouched and still produces a healthy 420bhp. The six-speed manual gearbox remains unaltered too, but the six-speed Sportshift gearbox has been replaced with the seven-speed Sportshift II, which Aston claim gives faster and slicker gearchanges, as well as providing more refinement at higher speeds thanks to the extra ratio.
2012 V8 Vantage roadster

Worth knowing

The Vantage S hasnt been forgotten, although the changes are less dramatic; it gets the seven-speed auto box and sat-nav fitted as standard.
V8 Vantage range 2012


The V8 Vantage Coupe starts at 84,995 and 93,995 for the Roadster, savings of around 5,000 compared to the older model. The Vantage S now starts at just 99,995.
The gorgeous V12 Zagato will be available in very limited numbers from the end of the year priced at just under 400,000. If youre interested then youd better order one now as theyll only be making 150 of them.
Available from:The updated Vantage models are available to order now.
Vantage range 2012


The Vantage V8 was an enormously impressive car before the changes, and the upgrades and price reduction havent harmed it one iota. If you are thinking of buying one then the list of reasons not to has just got a little bit shorter

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