Stunning track-only Aston Martin Vulcan revealed

It’s been teased to us before, but here it is in all of it’s – The Aston Martin Vulcan – quite possibly the most outrageous British supercar ever produced.

The track-only special is takes its name from the Vulcan bombers which operated from the former airbase that is now Aston Martin‘s Gaydon plant. This extreme machine is certainly not for the faint of heart. We’ve been looking at the Vulcan via the incredible numbers it offers – here are our five favourite and, as always, beautiful high-res photos too.

12 – the number of cylinders

Aston Martin loves a V12 – the big, silky smooth engines produce a distinctive sound and currently see service in the Vantage, the Vanquish and DB9. The one in the Vulcan, however, is a little more special. While the basic block is much the same as the road going examples, the heavy use of knowledge gained from the brand’s success in sports car racing sees a vast development to the unit. The engine is mounted ahead of the driver, but behind the front wheels for optimum weight distribution. All this sees total power output stand at…

800 – power output in horsepower

…and that’s a conservative estimate. Despite a wild aerodynamic kit, which will inevitably sacrifice a little straight line performance for cornering grip (and therefore quicker lap times), top speed is likely to still beat 200mph. All that power is transmitted to the road via a motorsport derived six-speed sequential gearbox.

The noise it should make getting there, if the preview videos are anything to go by, should be magnificent. The side mounted exhausts will spit flames on downshifts during heavy braking. As if it needed any more visual drama!

1,350 – the Vulcan’s weight in kilos

Remarkably, the car weighs no more than a Volkswagen Golf. This has been achieved through the extensive use of exotic manufacturing materials. The entire chassis is constructed from a carbon fibre tub, while the body panels are made from the same material. With all of this potential for high speeds, some serious brakes are needed, which is why Aston Martin turned to Brembo. The Italian company has produced huge callipers to grip the 380mm carbon ceramic discs, which will help drivers to turn into corners harder and brake later than they thought possible.

24 – the Vulcan’s production run

Upon sitting inside, it’ll be easy to see what a bespoke vehicle the Vulcan is. Much of the dashboard is a single carbon fibre wing, helping the driver to feel cocooned, and focussed on the ‘sawn-off’ steering wheel and digital readout. Lightweight bucket seats keep the driver and passenger snug, while a full roll cage keeps them safe. That limited production run can perhaps go some way to explaining the price, too…

1.8 million – the price in Pounds Sterling

If you’re not intimidated enough by the monstrous engine, flame-spitting exhaust and the incredible rarity, then perhaps the astronomical price might seal the deal. It includes full race driving instruction from Darren Turner – Aston Martin racing driver and former winner of the Le Mans 24 hours. As well as training in some of Aston’s less extreme models, it is possible to spend time in Turner’s simulator, to gain extra knowledge and techniques in a safe environment away from the track.

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