Audi A3 Cabriolet Sport & S Line Final Editions

With the last heaps of snowmen finally melting into the ground, most people's thoughts are unlikely to have turned to convertibles.

Perhaps Final Edition Audi A3 Cabriolet will change that. As the new A3 starts to appear on the roads (we promise - they just look similar to the old one) it's your last chance to get hold of the previous generation convertible.

Thanks to the new A3's similar appearance, the Cabriolet hasn't really dated, and in Final Edition trim, based on Sport and S Line models, you're getting a heap of extra kit.
Sport Final Edition cars replace cloth upholstery with Vienna leather, heated seats, rear parking sensors, auto headlights and wipers, cruise control and Bluetooth.
Want more? Well, you still get the 17-inch alloys, sports suspension, climate control, CD audio with iPod/MP3 integration and that automatic hood, as you'll find on any Sport A3.
Still want more? That's where the S Line comes in, with larger 18-inch alloys, full Vienna leather, xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights, DVD-based sat-nav, and a BOSE sound system.
A range of engines is available on each model - from the petrol 105 PS 1.2 TFSI, through the more powerful 1.8 TFSI with 160PS, to the 200PS 2.0 TFSI. Diesel options include a 105PS 1.6 TDI, and a 140PS 2.0 TDI.
Sport Final Editions start from 23,775, and range to 28,180. S Line Final Editions kick off at 26,210, and finish at 30,615.
If none of these interest you, the basic A3 Cabriolet is still available. In 1.2 TFSI form, the range starts from 21,435 on-the-road.
Priced from: 23,775 (Sport), 26,210 (S Line)
Available from: Now


Despite its handsome looks the A3 Cabriolet is now getting on a bit, and objectively the new Audi A3 is a much better car. Still, you can't yet get one of those with a folding roof (not that you'd drop the roof anyway...), so an A3 is still the cheapest way into a new drop-top Audi. The Final Editions represent a decent saving over specifying all the extra kit individually, too.
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