The Audi A8 L Security – Literally Bomb Proof

If you are at risk of being shot at, and you’re looking for a car, youll probably want to go for this Audi A8 L Security. Its designed to withstand whatever devilish assassination attempts are thrown at it.

The Audi A8 L Security is rated at Class VR 7 on the Bullet Resistant Vehicle Scale, which means it can hold up to having NATO hard-core ammunition fired at it. Its also capable of withstanding a hand grenade explosion.

All this protection comes from 450 hours of work that go into the armour protection. This includes installing bullet-proof glass (which in total weighs a whopping 300kg), an armoured floor and toughened doors.

Audi A8 L Security Interior

Other security measures include a two-way communications system, with a microphone and outside speaker, which presumably means you can ask whoever is trying to kill you to kindly stop.

Options include an on-board fire extinguishing system, which has nozzles covering the important components of the car, and a fresh-air system which provides oxygen in case of a poisonous gas attack.

Another cool option is an emergency exit system which can blow the rear doors off so you can run to safety.

This armoured version doesnt look any different from a normal Audi A8, which is itself a relatively subtle car to be chauffeured around in. Obviously if youre expecting to get assassinated then its important that your driver is trained in getting you out of trouble, so Audi are also offering training in evasive driving.

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