Audi ‘Cylinder On Demand’ for A1 and A3

In the march towards improving fuel economy, Audi have introduced cylinder deactivation technology to the 1.4 TFSI engine found in the A1 and A3 models.

Cylinder on Demand shuts down two of the four cylinders under certain conditions, preventing the valves from opening under low engine loads and while coasting. The engine is capable of switching from one state to another in less than 35 milliseconds and, allied with a stop-start system, the 1.4 TSFI can return up to 60.1mpg.

By cutting the emissions from 124 to 109g/km CO2the new CoD car is firmly in the frame for habitual diesel buyers, as the141hp 2.0 TDI is only 1g/km better off and, for the entry A1, 1,500 more expensive to buy

Prices from: 16,740 (A1); 20,055 (A3)

Available from: March 12th 2013


With diesel fuel prices marching ever higher and upcoming emission regulations hitting diesels with particulate limits, frugal petrols are becoming more attractive for those after an economical car. The CoD engined A1 and A3 hit the spot and, with the system already in use in Audi’s higher performance models, isn’t a risky, untested tech ready to catch out the early adopter.

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