Looking For Cheap Fuel? Your Audi Will Soon Help

Ah, the joys of modern driving. The freedom, the limitless roads, the cheap fuel.

Actually, it's decades since we've had any of those things, but technology now available in the Audi A3 and Audi A3 Sportback will at least get you closer to finding cheaper fuel.

Most satellite navigation systems have a function that allows you to find fuel stations, but order Satellite Navigation Plus and 'Mobile Phone Preparation - High with Audi connect' in a new A3 and it'll show you their prices too.

The system is able to check an online database of local fuel prices and relays that information to your car. It takes account of your fuel type - so it won't be bugging you with the cheapest petrol if you're rolling around in a TDI model - and the driver can sort the list by price or distance.

Just one click is enough to select your chosen filling station as a navigation destination.

Drivers can order the system through Audi's 'Technology Pack High with Audi connect'. It's not a snappy title and at 1,795 it isn't cheap, but Audi connect does at least come with a range of other features to enhance the experience.

That includes simple stuff like Google Maps and Google Street View, through traffic information and music streaming, to the highly trick 'Picturebook Navigation'.

This allows you to use geotagged photos loaded to the car's hard drive for selecting a destination. Want to head to a great secluded location you once found but can't remember the way? If you took a photo tagged with the destination, that's all you need to find it again.


Audi is making a habit of loading its cars with clever tech and the Fuel Prices and Picturebook Navigation services are both impressive. You do pay for the privilege - probably enough to take a long time to offset the fuel savings you'd make using it - but at least there are other perks to choosing the Technology Pack too.

Expect to see the service rolled out across the rest of the Audi range in due course.

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