Audi Q3 – First photos, videos and details

Audi have revealed details and photos of the Q3, a compact 4×4. Its Audis smallest SUV so far, and will offer over 50 plus mpg and a spacious interior.

The Audi Q3 will go on sale from November, with prices starting at 25,000. There will be three engines available from launch, two petrols and a diesel. Theres a lot of focus around fuel economy, with a host of technology aimed to reduced the running costs.

The petrol engine range consists of turbo-charged 2.0 litre engines, available with either 170PS (168bhp) or 211 PS (208bhp). The diesel engine is a 2.0 TDI with 177 PS (175bhp), though soon after launch there will also be a lower-powered version producing 140 PS (138bhp).

Audi Q3 interior

The 2.0 TFSI 170 and 2.0 TDI 140 will come with a manual transmission as standard, the others with a seven-speed S Tronic automatic. All versions will feature all-wheel drive, start-stop and energy recuperation systems.

Audi Q3 back

In terms of styling, it looks just like youd expect, like any other Audi! To us it looks like a mix between a bloated Audi A1 and an Audi Q5.



Its bound to do well for Audi. The larger Q5 has been a big seller, and this offers a lot of the same attractions in a slightly smaller package and at a lower cost. In terms of rivals, the direct competitor is the BMW X1, which is a similar size and price.However, a big thorn in its side will be the Range Rover Evoque, which will start from 28,000. For us, the Evoque is a far more attractive proposition.





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