Audi R8 GT Spyder: The Hardcore R8

Audi have revealed the stunning Audi R8 GT Spyder. Its a limited edition, stripped out, more powerful version of the standard R8 Spyder. We love it already.

For the R8 GT Spyder Audi has taken the 5.2 litre V10 found in the R8 Spyder and increased the bhp to 552bhp, giving it a 0-60 time of just 3.8 seconds.

R8 GT Spyder rear

This limited edition could cause some tensions and its faster than Lamborghinis new Gallardo Spyder Performante. Why does this matter? Because Volkswagen own both Audi and Lamborghini it means there could be some internal tension, as Lamborghini is meant to be their supercar brand.

The R8 GT Spyder weighs 85kg less than the Spyder. That weight saving comes mainly from light-weight bucket seats and carbon-fibre reinforced polymer body panels. Other changes over the standard Spyder include carbon ceramic brakes, lower suspension and a traction control system that can be completely switched off. Visual differences include a larger front spoiler, an added rear spoiler and darker rear lights.

Only 333 GT Spyders will be built, all of them in left hand drive. The price tag is estimated to be around 200,000.

Audi R8 GT Spyder interior



We like this a lot. The styling is bold enough to make it instantly stand out as something special, without going over the top. Its also nice to see that Volkswagen arent restricting Audi to toning down their supercars to avoid treading on Lamborghinis toes.

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