Revised Audi R8: Five Things You Need to Know

Theyll tell you that if it aint broke, then dont fix it. Audis R8 supercar was never broke(n), but thats not stopped them from giving it a good tweak here and there.

With a new S Tronic gearbox and a V10 Plus model, the R8 should be better to drive than ever before. Weve dissected the press release to extract the juiciest morsels of information.

1. S Tronic replaces R Tronic

If there was one thing that the press was never really keen on before, it was the R8s automated manual R Tronic transmission. Most would have selected the six-speed manual instead. Now, a twin-clutch S Tronic with seven speeds joins the range, available on both V8 and V10 models. As with all Audis S Tronic models, the new gearbox is lightning fast and can be operated with steering wheel-mounted paddles.

2. V10 Plus equals

Audi has done its sums and come up with the R8 V10 Plus, a 550PS and 540 Nm monster topping the R8 range. With S Tronic transmission itll reach 60mph in only 3.5 seconds from rest, and go on to 197mph. Manual versions are a little slower to accelerate and a little faster on the top end.

3. More speed, less fuel

Audi R8 S Tronic Engine

Fuel efficiency isnt always the greatest of concerns for supercar owners, but Audi has still eked out a few more mpg from the R8. The V8 will now manage 22.8mpg on the combined cycle (with S Tronic - manuals are thirstier), and puts out 289g/km of CO2. The V10 reaches 21.6mpg with S Tronic, 19mpg without.

4. New kit

Youll now have a new design of LED daytime running light to enjoy as an Audi sits three inches from your bumper, as those on the R8 have been upgraded. The headlights themselves are all-LED now, as are the tail-lights. A selection of new paint finishes are available, including matte shades on the R8 V10 Plus, which also gets standard ceramic disc brakes. The new R8s are also liberally smattered with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer touches, from splitters to the signature side blades.

5. Even more Audi-ish inside

Audi interiors have a quality reputation to uphold, so the new R8 gets new badging, improved gearshift paddles, and more Nappa leather on the centre console. V10 models also get Nappa leather on the dash and side panels.


Audi R8 S Tronic Blue Side
With prices starting from 91,575, the R8 is still at the inexpensive end of the supercar scale, but Audis enhancements should ensure the R8s appeal remains undiminished. The new S Tronic gearbox should certainly improve things, and we might now see those models garnering a little more praise from the motoring press as a result.
Orders start next month, with deliveries beginning in early 2013.
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