Audi S4 Facelift - What’s Different?

The facelifted 2012 Audi S4 has just been launched. We compare side-by-side shots of the new S4 against the old and list what changes have been made.


New Audi S4
Old Audi S4
Old Audi S4
Spotting the differences between the new S4 and the old isnt easy, the cosmetic changes arent that obvious. The new model does feature more angular and dynamic styling, with more defined grilles and smaller new headlights.
New Audi S4 back
New Audi S4 back
Old Audi S4 back
Old Audi S4 back
Round the back the differences are even smaller, the new model again has thinner rear-lights and a more pronounced diffuser gives a sportier look.


2012 Audi S4 interior
New Audi S4 interior
Old Audi S4 interior
Old Audi S4 interior
The interior changes are fairly subtle. Theres a new steering wheel and some extra chrome trim added to some instruments. The sat-nav/media unit has four buttons now, rather than eight.
2012 S4 seats
New S4 seats


This is the bit that matters! The new S4 features a 333PS 3.0 TFSI which gives 440Nm of torque. Start-stop comes as standard, which helps towards a fuel consumption figure of 35.3 mpg. 0-62 comes in 5.0 seconds and its limited to a top speed of 155mph.
Check out the Wikipedia page for full details on the previous S4s.
2012 Audi S4 side
The S4 gets a S Sport suspension set-up and 18 inch weels.
2012 Audi S4 Avant
New Audi S4 Avant
Prices havent been announced yet, but Audi say they will be broadly similar to the current model.
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