Audi Set To Kill Off The Parking Ticket?

Could the humble parking ticket be a thing of past? We're already used to car parks offering payment via debit cars and mobile phones, but Audi is promising to take things further with 'Audi connect wireless payment'.

Through the scheme, a communication link is established between cars and car parks, enabling barriers to be raised and charges to be paid without drivers needing to lift a finger.

Sounds good, but we're not entirely convinced the traditional method is quite the "rigmarole" Audi is claiming.

Audi A7 Sportback parking

"Fumbling" for loose change or cards with "children and shopping in tow" is no worse than the horror associated with using the self-service checkouts at the supermarket.

Having said that, the thought of barriers magically raising as you approach them isn't without appeal. Anyone used to driving on the continent will know how easy it is to pass through toll barriers with the use of a smart payment system.

The technology is being trialled in Audi's hometown of Ingolstadt, Germany, where 13,000 cars are currently connected.

Audi ticketless parking demo

The long term aim is to roll it out for all Audi owners by the end of 2013, when it will be integrated into the Audi connect option.

During the trial phase, each car will communicate with the parking facilities via an individual RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transmitter, the number of which is entered into an online portal by each driver to register for the service. The wireless transponder providing the link with each car is mounted on the inside of the windscreen.

Audi ticketless parking


In isolation, there's very little to get excited about here. Users of toll roads and bridges will be well used to similar technology already.

But when viewed alongside other developments - such as the app which locates the nearest vacant parking space - it promises to become quite interesting. Anyone who has arrived in an unfamiliar city only to be spend what feels like hours searching for parking will know how useful this could be.

So, thanks to Audi and other tech pioneers, you'll soon be able to arrive, park and go. Simple.

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