BBR Adds A Kick To Mazda’s Diesel Range

If you’re currently driving around in a Mazda 3, 5, CX-7 or last-gen Mazda 6 with a diesel engine you can be forgiven for feeling a touch antiquated right now. The new range of SkyActiv-D engines replacing them are stealing headlines for being more fuel efficient (up to 20%) while delivering more power, more torque and more driveability.

But now you’ve got Mazda tuning legends BBR on your side, with a range of remaps for any 2.0 or 2.2 diesel offered in these models.

The Brackley-based company’s “StarChip” remap promises increased power, increased torque, better and more linear throttle response while retaining diesel fuel economy. For 500 fitted – with a DIY option for 600 that includes EcuTek ProEcu software to allow the customer to maintain their car directly – up to 40hp and 70lbft is available.

This means the top-spec 2.2D would now be pushing 220hp and 380lbft, up from 182hp and 310lbft – while owners of the lower powered 148hp, 141hp and 119hp versions can expect similar gains. Fuel economy while on cruise sees a marked improvement too.

Of course this might not be enough for some. BBR addresses this too with Phase Two of their tuning strategy.

With a direct replacement hybrid turbo, this 1500 kit boosts power by 60hp and torque by 80lbft. Put in a 185PS model Mazda 3, this is enough for 243hp and 392lbft (limited by the clutch rating). By comparison, the Mazda 3 MPS boasts 256hp and 280lbft, making your diesel an easy match for it on the open road while returning a far superior fuel economy.


More power, more torque, better driveability, better extra-urban fuel economy… what’s not to like?

BBR are no fly-by-nights either – they’ve been in the Mazda tuning business for two decades, starting with the Mk1 MX-5 BBR Turbo which formed the basis of the very special MX-5 Le Mans.

With SkyActiv taking the headlines at Mazda right now, there’s no better way to bring your older diesel up to date.

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