2013 VW Beetle Cabriolet – MPG and Engines

There are five engines to choose from on the new Beetle Cabriolet, two diesels and three petrols. MPG on these goes from 35.8 to 62.8, quite a range! Acceleration figures havent yet been released, well update this article as soon as they are.
The DSG (automatic) gearbox doesnt worsen the fuel economy too much, it tends to be about 5mpg less than the manual equivalent and wont affect road tax too much.

1.2 TSI

The 1.2 TSI in the Beetle Cabriolet is the cheapest engine in the range and relatively economical.
Note though that VW have told us that a Bluemotion (more efficient) version of this engine will be released soon after launch.
Price from - 18,150
Available Trims – Beetle, Design
MPG – 46.3
CO2 – 142 g/km
Road Tax – 135/yr
Power – 105 PS
Beetle Cabriolet TSI engine

1.4 TSI

The 1.4 TSI is the mid-level petrol engine and though slightly less economical than the 1.2 TSI should be a fair bit faster.
Price from – 22,415
Available Trims – Design, Sport (and the Beetle Cab Special Editions)
MPG – 41.5
CO2 – 158 g/km
Road Tax – 170/yr
Power – 160 PS

2.0 TSI

The sporty petrol engine! Only available on the top level (Sport) its unlikely to be a big seller but anyone who buys one is bound to have fun!
Price from – 24,975
Available Trims -Sport
MPG – 37.2 (DSG – 35.8)
CO2 – 177 g/km (DSG – 183)
Road Tax – 215/yr
Power – 200 PS
Beetle Cabriolet TDI engine

1.6 TDI Bluemotion

The 1.6 TDI Bluemotion is the most economical engine in the Beetle Cab range and does a whopping 62.8 mpg. Expect it to be the most popular engine.
Price from – 22,040
Available Trim -Design
MPG – 62.8 (DSG – 60.1)
CO2 – 118 g/km (DSG – 124)
Road Tax – 30/yr (DSG – 100)
Power – 105 PS

2.0 TDI

The most powerful diesel available, the 2.0 TDI gives a nice mix of power and fuel economy.
Price from – 23,145
Available Trims – Design, Sport
MPG - 55.4 (DSG -50.1)
CO2 – 134 g/km (DSG – 145)
Road Tax – 120/yr (DSG – 135)
Power - 140 PS
VW will probably release more engines in a couple of years, but were impressed with the breadth of engines to choose from in this new Beetle Cab.
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