Bentley Flying Spur - Luxury Saloon Debuts Geneva

Bentley's press release for the new Flying Spur is full of superlatives, like "fastest", "more comfortable" and "more aggressive".

None should come as too much of a surprise. Rare is it that a new luxury or performance car is less luxurious or slower than its predecessor, and the Flying Spur is both a luxury and a performance car. Bentleys always have been.

But, with a six-figure sum ready to wire Bentley's way, what is it about the new model that'll get your transaction finger tingling?

Bentley Flying Spur rear angle

It might be the looks. Bentley's style has evolved over the years from a Rolls-Royce aping, slab-sided chunk of aristocracy to a more considered, curvaceous look.

The Flying Spur isn't dissimilar at the front from many other recent Bentleys, with large mesh grilles and front wings that look like they've been steadily eroded by the wind and rain over millions of years, rather than sketched on a designer's easel.

The glasshouse is small and pillarbox like, and the car's waistline kicks up at the rear over vast 21-inch wheels, though 19- and 20-inch designs are also available.

Bentley Flying Spur rear

It's only the rear itself which disappoints, the oblong tail-light units and flat rear panel looking like refugees from the early 1990s.

We suspect this isn't helped in our pictures by the enormous expanse of yellow numberplate, but we hope it looks more expensive on the road. With a 616-horsepower, twin-turbocharged W12 under the bonnet, the rear end is one you'll be seeing fairly often.

Bentley Flying Spur interior

Power, and 590 pounds-feet of torque, is sent through all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission, biased 40:60 to the rear. Keep your foot pinned to the immaculately-trimmed carpet and you'll eventually reach 200 mph (where legal, of course) having passed 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and 100 mph in under 10.

Combined economy is a horrific 19.2 mpg, but we suspect owners can afford the fuel to fill its 90-litre tank.

Bentley Flying Spur rear cabin

That's a job someone else will be doing too, while said owner reclines in the rear seats, enjoying his or her Wi-Fi hotspot, hand-crafted cabin and a Naim for Bentley Premium Audio System. iPod compatibility is standard, and DVDs, SD cards, USB and HDMI devices all have their respective slots.

The interior is quieter than before, while Bentley says ride quality has also improved. Comfort won't come at the expense of handling either - this is a Bentley, after all.

Priced from: Not yet announced
Available from: Not yet announced

Bentley Flying Spur side


We don't yet know pricing or availability for the new Flying Spur, though if you're in the market you may already have "a guy" to find out that sort of information. More details will be revealed while the car is spinning on its Geneva Motor Show turntable in early March. We're not sure about the rear-end styling, but rest assured the Flying Spur will perfectly match the needs of modern Bentley customers.
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