Bentley Aims High With A New SUV

As teaser images go, this invisible car doesn't give the viewer much to go on - no it's not a new Land Rover. This is Bentley's newest offering - an SUV to go against the likes of Porsche's Cayenne in what's likely to become a very crowded prestige SUV sector over the next few years.

With the teaser video released today, Bentley shows off some of the details of the unnamed car, slated for a 2016 production run. It's clearly got some family touches, with headlights from the Continental GT, a grille from the Mulsanne and similar tail lights to the updated Flying Spur.

The short clip also reveals some other details, like the B-shaped front wing vents, curled five spokes, keyless entry and a short rear overhang - perhaps hinting at some real offroad intentions. Engine choices are said to be "a wide range", but include a plug-in hybrid. Since Bentley touts the car as "the most powerful" SUV ever, it's not much of a guess to suggest their 575hp 6.0 W12 will find a home here.

Bentley will have to work hard to get the 2017 car into the cracks in the sector though. It's going up against the Cayenne - with which it will share a platform - and the timeless Range Rover already, with the Lamborghini Urus (also on the same platform) alleged to be joining the fray. With Aston Martin rumoured to be pushing the Lagonda concept forwards with Daimler's help, the next 3 years could be interesting for the Joneses - and anyone wishing to keep up with them.