Chevrolet Trax - Will It Tempt You From A Nissan Juke?

Chevrolet has decades of proud history to fall back on, and its products are devoured in huge numbers by our cousins across the pond.

In the UK, things are a little different. Despite the odd imported Corvette or Camaro, most people's idea of a Chevy in the UK is a rebadged Daewoo. Top Gear's old Reasonably Priced Car, at best. Hardly the stuff of American dreams.

Maybe funky crossovers like the Trax can change that perception, and with a modest starting price of 15,495 (LT models from 17,495), Chevy may even find itself attracting younger buyers looking for something different.

Your money gets you a small SUV with either front or four-wheel drive. At its most basic, a 115-horsepower 1.6-litre petrol engine, front-wheel drive and LS trim are your lot, while further up there's a 140 bhp 1.4-litre turbo petrol unit, a 130 bhp diesel and higher-end LT trim.

All should be practical, with USB and auxiliary inputs as standard, a large two-compartment glovebox, a 230V socket and five seats. Car-like handling is promised, despite its lofty looks. They always say that, but the compact Trax should dart around town with the best of them - and a slightly raised driving position is always welcome in town.

Technology is the main focus of LT trim, with Chevrolet MyLink technology offered as standard. This aggregates tech from your smartphone onto a 7-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, so photos, music and even Siri is available - the latter only with Apple devices, naturally.

You'll be able to walk into a Chevy dealer in July and have a closer look, but if the chunky Trax already appeals, the order books are open now.

Priced from: 15,495
Available from: Order now, deliveries July


The Trax's low entry price will see it pitched directly into Nissan Juke territory, and Chevy will be hoping for a bite of the Juke's impressive sales numbers. The boxy styling should liberate more space in the cabin than its Nissan rival, but whether the badge will appeal is a different matter. We'll bring you full pricing and specification details soon.
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