Grand Frère Is Watching You With the Citroen C1 Connexion...

Insurance costs are getting harder and harder to stomach these days.

Fraud and injury claims have pushed up prices for everyone, and it isn't uncommon for a driver with a clean license and multiple years of no claims bonus (NCB) to see their renewal increase regardless.

For younger drivers, it's almost enough to stop them driving altogether. A car worth less than a grand may cost three or four thousand to insure, even in an area with low theft rates.

If you're spending that much on insurance, some may be tempted to go down the 'black box' route.

Certain insurers now require young drivers to have a black box installed in their cars, monitoring driving standards and reducing premiums on the basis a watched driver will be a safer driver. The cynics among you might consider it compliance through fear.

Citroen has now become the first manufacturer to install a black box as standard, on the C1 Connexion special edition.

The Connexion is already unique, having been created through crowd-sourced collaboration on Facebook. More than 24,000 people helped configure the model, from its colour scheme to its options.

It also gets a standard Smartnav system, from Trafficmaster. This monitors your driving and alters the renewal premiums according to driving behaviour in the first year. Drive like a saint, and you'll see them go down. Drive like a loon, and you may get a shock.

The benefits are pretty obvious, though. Drivers with two or more no-claims already to their name will get free insurance on the model.

Even drivers without will save. A 19-year old, fresh to driving, will pay only 950 for the year - or only 500 with a year's NCB.

Priced from: 9,820
Available from: Now

Citroen C1 Connexion


At what cost cheaper insurance? Well, besides the 9,820 list price of the C1 Connexion, you'll also have to sacrifice some of your freedom for the good of your wallet. While the black box may encourage people to slow down a little, the device's impartial sensors are no guarantee that the person behind the wheel is a good driver.
Spend any time on the road you'll find countless drivers abiding by all the laws yet still driving poorly, who would probably game the system's sensors. There are doubtless others whose quicker cornering or acceleration may be entirely safe - or even required, in some situations - who could lose out should a similar system spread to other cars.
We welcome cheaper insurance and certainly safer driving, but is an all-seeing eye the
way to achieve this? We'll get back to you on that one...
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