Bentley Continental GT V8 - What’s Different?

Bentley have just unveiled a V8 version of their new Continental GT that will sit alongside the current W12 model. Its not just a different engine though, there are a few changes. We compare side-by-side shots to see whats new.


Continental GT V8
Continetal GT V8
Continental GT W12
Continental GT W12
The V8 model is designed to be a sportier car than the W12, however spotting the visual differences wont be easy, from the outside they look fairly similar.
The V8 Continental (the red car) features a three segment lower bumper with black grille, whereas the W12 (the silver car) has a wider and taller middle intake with chrome grilles. The trade-mark large intake at the front of the V8 has a black grille mesh, where the W12 again has a chrome mesh.

Continental GT V8 rear
Continental GT V8
Continental GT W12 rear
Continental GT W12 rear
Round the back the differences are more obvious, the easiest way to tell which is which is that the V8 has twin-exhaust pipes either side, whereas the W12 has single wide pipes. Bentley also claims the V8 has a darker, lower valance, but from the pictures theyve released its hard to see that.
The only other change is that all the Bentley badges on the V8 have a red centre, with the W12 having the traditional black centre. The red badge looks similar to the one that was featured on the old Arnage Red Label.

Continental GT V8 side
Continental GT V8
Both models get 20inch alloys as standard, with the options of a 21 inch six spoke design, which is exclusively available in a Diamond Black finish on the V8 Continental.


Continental GT V8 interior
Continental GT V8 Interior

Continental GT W12 interior
Continental GT W12 Interior
The interior remains largely the same, the only big difference being that the centre-console doesnt extend as far back in the V8 model. In the W12 model it extends between the two rear seats and houses air-vents and storage space, in the new V8 model it ends just after the front seats.
A new veneer is offered in the V8 called Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus, theres also a an Eliade cloth headlining and the option of two-tone leather colour split.

Continental GT V8 interior dashboard
Continental GT V8 Dashboard


This is the bit that really matters. The new V8 model features a 4.0 litre twin turbocharged 500bhp V8. It boasts 660Nm torque and combined with a brand new 8-speed auto gearbox can hit 60mph in sub 5-seconds and go on to 180mph.
Theres no word yet on the mpg or CO2 figures, Bentley tell us these will be released next year, but they do say that 500 miles will be possible on a single tank. Bentley report the new engine gives a 40% improvement in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Continental GT V8 grey
The impressive economy claims come partly thanks to an engine management system that allows the engine to run on V4 mode under light acceleration or steady cruising, then switch up to full V8 mode when you put your foot down.
Other efficiency gains come from thermal management, energy recuperation via the charging system, high pressure direct injection and innovative turbo charger packaging. The V8 features the same all-wheel drive system and 40:60 rear biased power split.
Continental GT V8 silver
So compared to the W12 model, it loses around 75bhp, will be slightly slower to 60 (the W12 can hit it in 4.4 seconds) and will likely cost a lot less to run.

To hear the engine, have a listen to this preview video: