Land Rover Defender Concept - Not for sheep

Land Rover have revealed the DC100 concepts, which will show how they plan to develop the replacement for the Defender. One things for sure, they dont look like they're aimed at farmers.
Yellow Defender Concept
The basis of the Defender has been on sale since 1948 and theyve been widely used as utility vehicles around the world. These DC100 concepts revealed today are meant to show the direction and design that will go into the all new Defender, which will be launched in 2015.
Grey Defender Concept
The DC100 Sport (the yellow car) is meant to express the activity and leisure appeal of the Defender. Its a convertible pick-up truck basically.
Defender Concept rear
The DC100 (the grey car) is a more realistic 3 door 4x4, which more accurately reflects what wed expect the new Defender to look like.
Defender concept interior
Its a concept car, so obviously theres lot of gadgets that wont actually make it to production, like the Terrain-i scanning, which will detect and warn of obstacles when off-roading and the Wade Aid sonar technology, which will assess water depth.
DC100 concept


The worrying thing is that Land Rover want to create a premium durability SUV. The current Defender is not really that kind of car. Its a utility vehicle that happens to have some fans who like the image and cruise around the Kings Road in them, but the majority of buyers are using it as a tool, not for its looks.
The current Defender is a huge way from being perfect, its slow, uncomfortable and expensive. However they still sell loads of new ones every year and the strong residual values show that theyre still highly sought after. Land Rover you have the Evoque for style, make the new Defender fit for farmers.
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