Eterniti Hemera revealed - An utter disappointment

So after all the hype and speculation about Eterniti and what they might launch, it turns out its what appears to be yet another crudely modified Porsche Cayenne.
Everyone was very intrigued when the mysterious press release first came out from Eterniti. We did some digging on their background and were the first to break the news that it wasnt just some no-hopers in a shed in the Midlands, but that they had a lot of money and industry experience financing the whole project. Our post on who are Eterniti motors turned out to be very popular and was linked to from auto sites across the world.
Details soon trickled out that it would be based on an existing luxury SUV platform, and theres no prizes for recognising which one they chose.
Eterniti Hemera rear
The Hemera is clearly based on the previous generation Caynne and features a wider body and ridiculously sized exhaust pipes. No photos have been released of the front of it yet.
Theres no shots of the inside either, but were told it will have two reclining seats, iPads and a drinks holder. The engine will apparently have 620bhp, giving a top speed of over 180mph.
Eterniti Hemera back


What a let down. They claimed to be an all new car manufacturer, in reality it seems theyre just yet another tuning company.
We'll give them kudos for creating such a buzz though.
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